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    Exhausting Gameplay_cover

03/04/2012 / Featured, Games, Theory

A significant percentage of video games employ in one way or another the figure of death. The thanatological sub-species of video game representations are practically endless: dismemberment, infection, untreatable wounds, explosion, etc. Players can be eaten, crushed, sliced, diced, quartered, ...
    flightofthefireflies-3 copy

03/02/2012 / Games, iOS

"The fireflies are leaving the city, looking for a new home. Let your touch guide them as they soar through the skies and dance among the trees" is the description of an experimental video game 'Flight of the Fireflies' by Jonathan Hise ...

10/11/2009 / Games

New game just posted Stephen Lavelle aka increpare games called Brain Damage. Available for Mac, Windows and open source, Brain Damage is a dark, emotional journey in the mind of a serial killer that picks up a hitchhiker. Without revealing too much, ...