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ElectroPlastique and Grid Distortions [Processing]

“Someone” pointed out recently that we have never blogged Marius Watz. Although referred to in a number of posts and having blogged himself on CAN here, Marius is one of those people that doesn’t need special mentioning. He has exhibited worldwide, spoke at many events and conferences and continues to influence status and direction of generative art. Here we have […]


Analog Vinyl Sampling [Analog]

Inspired by current sampling techniques, either as a piece of hardware or as software, Ishac Bertran takes an analog route emulating the audio tape cut&paste technique by literally cutting and pasting pieces of vinyl to create samples. Ishac tried out different techniques, from wire cutter to knife, to finally settle for laser, carefully considering laser power to […]


Social Firefly [Arduino]

For the Vivid 2011 festival, Events New South Wales commissioned Jason McDermott and Liam Ryan (of Arup) and Frank Maguire to design, construct and install an innovative light artwork in Circular Quay, Sydney. The team designed Social Firefly, a community of friendly intelligent lights that influence one another. The fireflies are programmed to respond to […]