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    Sonice_Rising_Colorspace_13 copy

25/07/2014 / Arduino

Created by Sonice Development (Julian Adenauer and Michael Haas), Rising Colorspace is a new installation by the duo for “Metropol Park“ at Köllnischer Park 6-7 in Berlin. It is the third 'systemic robot' installation of their colorspace series. Installation is ...
    HAlCuTaAu-141 copy

04/06/2014 / Objects

Created by Revital Cohen and Tuur van Balen, H / AlCuTaAu is an object created using precious metals and stones mined out of technological objects and transformed back into mineral form. The artificial ore was constructed out of gold (Au), copper (Cu), ...
    generative_machines_01 copy

01/10/2012 / Javascript, Three Js

A few months ago Michael Chang at Google Creative Labs was asked to make some visuals for Google IO, building on from the procedural circuit-board diagrams he did in the past. After spending few weeks experimenting in both Three.js and Processing, he gravitated towards one ...

28/09/2012 / Events, Objects, Review

Rafeal Lozano-Hemmer is largely known for his large scale installations that invite audience participation. An extension of this participation is also how he takes elements of physical interaction and gives them digital or technological corollaries. His latest show at Bitforms ...
    Living Artefacts 09 copy

27/06/2012 / Arduino, Featured, Objects

"Living Artefacts" is a project by Stefan Schwabe, a student of Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art. Stefan is exploring the subject of "natural" and "artificial" by using bacterial cellulose to harvest artefacts.
    signal_to_noise_11 copy

24/05/2012 / c++, Featured, Objects, Other

'Signal To Noise' is the latest installation by LAb[au], immersing the spectator in patterns of sonic motion produced by 512 recycled mechanical split-flaps.

07/01/2012 / Arduino, Objects

[Photo: S.T. Heizmann] What looks like a time-lapse recording of bioluminescent critters roaming the deep sea floor is in fact a swarm of 9 autonomous UV light emitting robots inhabiting a 1 x 2 meter phosphorescent surface. Created by Mey Lean Kronemann, ...
    secretwar01 copy

10/11/2011 / iOS, News

Written by Peter Lunenfeld, The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading is a book about using digital technologies to shift us from a consumption to a production model. After half a century of television-conditioned consumption/downloading, Lunenfeld tells us, we now find ...
    senseless04 copy

25/10/2011 / Arduino

Senseless Drawing Bot is a 4-wheeled graffiti machine, with a pendulum arm, arduino and spray cans to create random strokes as it moves up and down the gallery space. See video below. Created by So KANNO and Takahiro YAMAGUCHI Metal Works Supported by Hitto ASAI The ...

23/12/2010 / Objects, Processing

"Variations on Pi" is a limited edition of 50 unique light paintings created by Nils Völker. Each one of these paintings is based on a different range of consecutive decimal places of the number pi (3,14159... the mathematical constant which ...

11/09/2010 / Objects

The “Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus” was designed by Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus. It is a drawing machine that illustrates a never-ending story by translating words of text into patent drawings. Seven million patents — linked by over 22 million references — ...

02/08/2010 / Inspiration

Richard Hardy, a recent graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, created this amazing video, exploring questions whether the conception of artificial intelligence has been a necessity in human evolution and if we therefore should embrace emergent technologies to engage ...

11/06/2010 / Objects, openFrameworks

Andreas has finally found time to come back to the wonderful personal project he has been working on for some time now. I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce it to CAN readers, considering I have been ...

16/11/2009 / News

Here is an interesting utilisation of a laser cutter. Posted by Jedediah Smith on vimeo, the data sent to the laser cutter has been hacked to make it play Super Mario theme song. Also attached below is another classic tune ...

29/07/2009 / iOS

Glenn Marshall has just posted latest update on the development of his upcoming iPhone app "Zeo". Half screensaver, half machine, Zeo is an interactive growing mechanism, a piece of generative art. Using his ‘Zeno’ algorithm (metamorphosis), Zeo is Glenn's journey into ...