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Computer Augmented Crafts [vvvv]

Christian Fiebig designed a computer interface that makes suggestions to the designer while he’s working. In his version, the computer follows a structure in the making via a webcam and instantly generates other design suggestions based on any special parameters programmed by the designer. It’s like having a colleague in your workshop, giving you direct […]

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Versus [c++, Objects]

Versus is the latest installation David Letellier, combining the robot mechanics with David’s long time area of exploration – kinetic sound installations, beautifully made. Previously collaborated with Lab[au] on Tessel (see detailed post on CAN), Versus consisting of two kinetic sculptures placed face to face in a space. Each sculpture is made out of 12 triangular panels, hinged and powered by […]


Dromolux [Processing, Objects]

The Dromolux MA Design Interactions project at the RCA by Ludwig Zeller addresses the possible increase in cognitive performance of future generations. This device is a speed reading trainer that flashes words at a high pace using a strobe light and very short exposure. For the members of an information society the ability to process […]