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CityScape – Characteristic of Copenhagen in a landscape mosaic / Plask

CityScape is a collection of three collages that depict the most characteristic parts of Copenhagen that almost appear as separate cities within the city. Created by Daim Yoon, Mette Lyckegaard and Marcin Ignac, the trio used the pictures of the city as as a graphical landscape mosaic that represents the feel they have to them. The urban landscape of […]


Dualism [Cinder, Objects]

Created by Marcin Ignac, dualism plays with the idea of mixing what’s real with what’s virtual. Surface of a ceiling is replaced with paper constructed 3D geometry which is occupied by flying flocks of insects. Additionally every time bigger group of insects flies next to one of the paper piramids it lighting it up as […]


Cindermedusae [Cinder]

Created by Marcin Ignac and yet another project selected for the WrittenImages book, Cindermedusae is a generative encyclopedia of imaginary sea creatures. I wanted to explore generating organic and believable forms so I have chosen to try with a jellyfish. I have been following their creation since the beginning and really enjoyed object evolution, from the first sketches […]


Dynamic Mesh Triangulation + UI [Cinder, iPad]

First wave of Cinder built applications are starting to appear and boy are they wonderful. Posted on the Cinder forums are dynamic mesh experiments by Marcin Ignac, a Copenhagen based designer and programmer. Part of the Shiftcontrol collective, Marcin has been playing with Cinder mesh deforming as well as coding his own GUI based on […]