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Marshmallow Laser Feast

    lasers_memo_akten_02 copy

17/05/2013 / openFrameworks

What happens when you mix soap bubbles and lasers? Memo Akten, 1/3 of Marshmallow Laser Feast, just got hold of Etherdream DAC laser and has been "messing" with it using openFrameworks. Memo developed software to control this ILDA controllable laser projector ...
    forest_marshmallow_laser_feast_05 copy
'Forest' is the latest interactive installation by Marshmallow Laser Feast, London collective consisting of  Memo Akten, Robin McNicholas and Barney Steel. Commissioned by and premiered at the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven, 'Forest' covers almost 450 square meters and is comprised of over 150 musical 'trees' made of ...
    McLaren_p12_teaser_01 copy
McLaren approached MarshmallowLaserFeast for a teaser for the launch of their new car, the P12. Initially the job revolved around projection mapping, to project on (a model of) the car, something the MLF team wanted to avoid. Working directly with the ...
Now in its 22nd year, the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase hit Cannes again, unveiling another presentation of the new directorial talent. Marshmallow Laser Feast (Robin McNicholas, Memo Akten and Barnaby Steel) were the creative and technical directors of the production which ...