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    mechanical-pi-florian-born_05 copy

25/08/2014 / Objects

Created by Florian Born and David Friedrich, Mechanical Pi - In memory of William Shanks is a computing machine that replaces the repetitive task of writing π by hand back into a physical, mechanical process. The mathematician William Shanks sacrificed years ...
    installation2 (Photo James Fox) copy

18/08/2014 / Featured, openFrameworks

[caption id="attachment_43937" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: James Fox[/caption] Created as a collaboration between Scandinavian Design Group, Abida, Intek & Ctrl+N, Breaking the Surface is a conceptual installation created for the 10 year anniversary of the Norwegian oil company Lundin Norway. It will first ...
    mechanical_cartoon_03 copy

30/05/2014 / Arduino

With a background in comics & film, Eunyoung Park created this experimental "Mechanical Cartoon" that combines an Arduino, ultrasonic ping sensors and cardboard to transplant his previous expertise to the physical exhibition space, "making it pop up from a page of book and a ...
    pe_lang_804_01 copy

18/01/2013 / Objects

Moving objects | nº 804 is a new installation by Pe Lang, exploring the contrasts of order and chaos. In 804 cords are spun and pulled apart as the machine pans from left to right slowly revealing order on one side ...

15/08/2011 / vvvv

Parhelia by Paul Prudence is a real-time A-V performance piece where sample based mechanical sounds are used orchestrate a family of concentric forms in space. The vvvv scenes suggest the workings of a imaginary machine where its component parts, or 'gears' ...

20/02/2011 / Events, Processing

Three levels beneath the pavement in London’s busy Marylebone road is a cavernous space. Previously home to the Polytechnic of Central London’s engineering department it was once a place to build and test physical structures. Now part of the University ...