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Aleph of Emotions – Device for Emotional States of Cities Around the World

Created by Mithru Vigneshwara, Aleph of Emotions is an interactive object that allows users to view worldwide emotions collected from tweets collected over 35 days in 2012. Using openFrameworks, Arduino, GPS module and a smart phone (Samsung device in video, iPod Touch later – image above) the camera-like interface allows users to point along a particular direction, […]


IOS developers at MobGen BV

Company:  MobGen BV Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam Category: Other Type: Full Time Description We are looking for senior junior and intern IOS developers at international Mobile and Social Media marketing agency in the heart of Amsterdam MobGen Are you an experienced, starting or still studying iOS developer, looking to join a fast-growing international mobile marketing agency to use your skills […]

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Little Printer [Objects]

BERG today released details of their concept “printer”, one that together with the “Berg Cloud” service behaves like a physical hub to your digital content. They describe it as: BERG Cloud is our technology to move the smarts of products onto the internet. We think of it as the nervous system for connected products. Built […]

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Beyond Tellerrand [Events]

Our dear friends at beyond tellerrand have just given us a tip that there is only 2 weeks left to grab a Early Bird ticket to their fantastic 3-day event in Düsseldorf. The event includes intensive workshops and 15 high quality talks for web enthusiasts. Day one day features 3 full-day workshops with Simon Collison, Seb Lee-Delisle […]

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SideBySide [c++, Mobile, Mac, Games]

Karl D.D. Willis, Ivan Poupyrev, Scott E. Hudson and Moshe Mahler have just released details of their latest project at Disney Research, a novel interactive system that allows multiple people to play and work together using a custom handheld device. The device combines handheld projector, IR camera and a ranging sensor. The project is a step forward […]


PHP Developer at Nation

Company: Nation Location: UK, London Type: Coder Job Type: Full Time Description Nation is a boutique digital design studio established 2 years ago. We are steadily making a name for ourselves by producing innovative digital work for businesses, advertising agencies and individuals alike. We are on the lookout for an enthusiastic back-end developer to join our small but growing in-house […]