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Audience [openFrameworks]

Audience is an installation by rAndom international and Chris O’Shea (circa 2008). The installation includes 64 mirror objects, each controlled by 2 servos for pan and tilt. These objects would orientate towards themselves and when someone appeared in the space, they would pause, then all turn to face the person. They would track a visitor […]


AudioDome SoundBlox [Sound, Objects]

SoundBlox is a project by Bodo Lensch, Till Bovermann, René Tünnermann and an ongoing research by Tangible Auditory Interfaces exploring audio as a natural affiliate to physical objects. It is based on work, Till Bovermann developed and implemented during his PhD time at Bielefeld University. The site includes many projects and variations on the theme that somewhat deserve a […]


F**k You, Buddy [openFrameworks, Events]

Created by recoil performance group from Denmark, F**k You, Buddy is a physical performance in combination of interactive video scenography. We wrote about the project back in January and now the video with behinds the scenes (embeded below) + details of the setup are available. The interactive/stage tracking and projections were coded by Ole Kristensen and […]


Cosmogramma Fieldlines [openFrameworks]

Cosmogramma Fieldlines is a wonderful and free augmented reality application to celebrate the imminent release of the new Flying Lotus album ‘Cosmogramma’ (itunes). The downloadable app allows users to interact using their webcam or their mouse, creating an entrancing combination of sound and motion. Cosmogramma Fieldlines was developed by Aaron Meyers with sound design by Flying […]


Suki Jarashi [Profile]

Suki ( is a student at IAMAS Institute of Arts and Sciences (Japan) in the Studio1 / Interactive Media. Since his website is “under construction”, I have selected below few projects that are particularly exciting. For more projects, until the portfolio is up, check out his vimeo + his blog. Day of Cool Man Life […]


Debug [openFrameworks, Processing]

Created by Edhv using openFrameworks, Processing, Applescript, webcam and insects, Debug is a physical installation exploring what happens when you let nature interact with technology. It is an experimental machine that transforms the movements of insects into beautiful patterns printed as posters. Obstacles are put in the insects way to influence their behaviour, controlling the […]


CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is a stereoscopic Realtime Performance based on Kafka´s “The Trial” by 1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner). The team writes: In Franz Kafka’s THE TRIAL, 1n0ut found a world full of loops, repeats, instructions and protocols which are familiar parts of every computer programme. This classic text becomes the springboard for a stereoscopic real-time dance […]


Augmented Anamorphosis [openFrameworks]

Augmented Anamorphosis (distorted projection) is a graduation project by Sander ter Braak at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. The project explores projection of a 3d object in space dependant on viewer’s location. In the movie embeded below the first scene shows a simulation, the second a user view, the third from a different angle […]


mjuvi [Processing, vvvv, C++]

Mjuvi is a 2010 student project at h-da where music and visuals are generated by motion tracked people. The user can choose between different roles (beat = red ring, melodies = blue ring, effect = green ring or instrument switch = orange ring). Together they control a music program over midi signals. The tracking system […]