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Multiuser Sketchpad [WebApp]

Created by Ricardo Cabello aka Mr.doob, Multiuser Sketchpad is an online sketching pad in your browser allowing many users to draw simultaneously. Having heard people talk about node.js on Twitter, Ricardo was interested to see whether he could apply it to his Harmony project. Node.js is a tool to provide an easy way to build […]

harmonious. [iPhone]

Inspired by Mr. Doob‘s ‘Harmony’ web app, harmonious is an iPhone version of the same created by The Angry Robot Zombie Factory allowing you to create drawings using smart generative brushes some devised and others evolved by Mr. Doob. Harmonious uses clever procedural drawing techniques so that, with only a few lines, you can create […]

Harmony [WebApp]

Inspired by this code in the Generative Design book, Harmony by Mr.Doob aka Ricardo Cabello is a result of weekend play with various drawing algorithms and <canvas>. Canvas was initially introduced by Apple for use inside their own Mac OS X WebKit component, later adopted by Gecko browsers and standardized for the next generation web technologies. It consists […]