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Darkgame [Games]

Darkgame is a sensory deprivation computer game by Eddo Stern currently in development. The game plays on physical manipulation of the player’s senses as the central focus of game strategy. The immersive gameplay is based upon the experience of communication and conflict under stress of sensory deprivation and sense isolation. During the game you are […]


DoflBall [iPad, openFrameworks]

Created by Dofl Y.H Yun of Firstborn, DolfBall is an “air hockey” type game, fun for people and animals alike. Named after Firstborn Senior Developer, DoflBall meshes the iPad’s touchscreen capabilities with engaging and fun multiplayer gameplay. Dofl and the Firstborn team created this simple “air hockey” type game where players fling a “ball” back and […]


DNPWWO [Games]

In DNPWWO (Does Not Play Well With Others) Alex Myers uses “a simple video game hardware hack to subtly change the dynamics of the ubiquitous death-match mode in an effort to subvert traditional game-play. The hack also serves to change the relationships between the players. Restructuring the original ritual-combat both as the typical aggressive power-play and […]


Castle Bash [iPad, Games]

Castle Bash is a remake of Atari’s 1980 arcade release Warlords, which is probably best known for its release on the Atari 2600 console in 1981. Rated the 25th greatest video game of all time by Game Informer, Warlords allows up to four players to compete in a castle defense bout that’s something of a combination of Breakout […]