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alt ctrl [openFrameworks, Games]

Created by Matt Ruby, ALT CTRL is a series of works that examine the way we interact with digital systems through the use of experimental interfaces. The three major works in this series are Excitebike, Sympathy for Pacman, and Swap Meet. All three works appropriate an early video game: Excitebike, Pacman and Pro Wrestling as the […]


Lilt Line for Wii [Games]

a retro rhythm racing beat ‘em up action and one of our favourite iPhone games ever is making it’s way to Nintendo Wii. If you haven’t played it before, Lilt Line is a wonderful example of when hardware and software play together in harmony. The sync between the sound, touch and tilt, is very unique […]


DNPWWO [Games]

In DNPWWO (Does Not Play Well With Others) Alex Myers uses “a simple video game hardware hack to subtly change the dynamics of the ubiquitous death-match mode in an effort to subvert traditional game-play. The hack also serves to change the relationships between the players. Restructuring the original ritual-combat both as the typical aggressive power-play and […]


iSensorii [iPhone, MaxMSP]

iSensorii is a site specific art installation currently located at the Dallas Museum of Art. It uses Mac OSX application created using MaxMSP to generate sounds and visuals and receive input from iPhones using custom designed free application now available in the AppStore. You can also download the exhibition app on your own computer and […]


Horror Vacui [iPhone]

Although Aristotle’s belief that nature abhors a vacuum has long since been abolished, it appears modern science forgot to consider the effects of such a vacuum on the App Store. I’m talking, of course, about the curious absence of truly innovative and exploratory gaming titles for the iPhone platform, and Shaun Inman’s attempt to fill such […]


Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote [Windows]

Windows application created by Johnny Chung Lee allows you to create an amazing digital whiteboard using Nintendo Wii Remote and a quick build infra-red pen. The great thing is that you can virtually make any flat surface a ‘tablet’ or as Johnny refers to it “Interactive Whiteboard”. Description: Since the Wiimote can track sources of infrared (IR) light, […]