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Spit Paint [Symbian]

Created by W+K in partnership with Marvellous and Greyworld, Spit Paint is a recent installation at the Nokia World held only few days ago in London. Shown at the show was an app running on a new Nokia N8 allowing you to apply digital paint to a wall, in this case a 6m by 3m […]


Nadia [Java, Objects]

Created by Andrew Kupresanin, Nadia is a camera that has no display of the photographs to be taken, but rather gives the judgment of aesthetic quality to the machine, displaying only a current rating as feedback about when and what to snap. Within pop culture and society artificial intelligence has been a topic that is […]


Nokia PUSH N900 Showcase – London [Events]

Thanks to the team at PUSH N900 we have two tickets to giveaway to this weeks (Thursday 4th Feb) invite only event in London!! The event will include all 5 teams from the Push N900 competition presenting their N900 hacks. The event will also include Giles Walker‘s poll-dancing robot which something you don’t want to […]


Push N900 USA [Maemo]

Nokia and the Push 900 (hacking project) have just announced the same PUSH concept focusing on the North American individuals or groups keen to hack Nokia’s N900 device. Check out the new USA site for details of what PUSH N900 USA is all about, the prizes ($10,000 for 1st prize) and the ‘Discussion’ page which works just […]


Nokia Hackerbox [Objects, Maemo]

If you were reading out tweets yesterday you would have picked up we received a very nice surprise from Nokia. Nicely wrapped box within a box with included christmas card, USB cable and a small instruction reading “Can’t hack it…for clues go to this site”. We knew there was a “special” item coming but a […]