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Satromizer OS [iPad]

Satromizer started as a Adobe After Effects 3.0 plugin written by Ben Syverson as a response to Jon Satrom’s video KOLOBOKZ. About a year ago Ben and Jon Satrom joined forces and released the Satromizer for the iPhone. The duo has just announced Satromizer OS, the new version of Satromizer for the iPad. Taking the concept of glitch further, the […]


G1 Android Reviews [Android]

T-Mobile’s G1 Android based HTC phone reviews have started coming in. If you are considering it, places to go and read the reviews are: T-Mobile G1 review on Engadget (Part1, Part2) T-Mobile G1 review on Gizmodo here A Hands-on First Look at Google Android on Lifehacker   General impressions are: geeky, “isn’t going to blow […]


G1 Android Video Walkthrough

Gizmodo have a good video walkthrough of Android on Vimeo. Well worth checking out. They show a good list of basic futures and general navigation.  It appears to be a solid OS showing well throughout details, especially the pull down menubar showing current processes. As CAN is based in the UK, it will be a while before we see a version […]