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Hairrrr [Mac, Cinder]

Created by Doug Pfeffer, Hairrrr is a Mac application that converts images into fields of hair. A while back Doug posted some sample generated images that sort of looked like body hair on the Cinder forums. Although he still hasn’t found a project to integrate it with, he touched it up a little bit and wrapped it up in an […]

Dazzled [Cinder, MaxMSP]

Created by David Dalmazzo, Dazzled Project is an attempt to compose a generative particle environment that could at the same time create structures and sounds. The application uses both MaxMSP and Cinder via OSC bridge allowing sounds generated from max be fed directly into Cinder app which generates the visuals. I would like to program patterns […]

Voidie [iPhone, iPad, oF]

We are happy to announce that after only 2 day review at Apple, new CAN app is now available in the AppStore. Created in collaboration with Francis Lam aka dbdbking, Voidie is an abstract depiction of the Great Void which uses a sound reactive particle system illustrating the activity around it. The app also functions as […]

Waking From A Coma [Inspiration]

Created by Jesse Kanda, Waking From A Coma is an experimental animated short film created using multiple animation techniques ranging from traditional frame by frame to 3D expressions. Directed, animated and soundtracked by Jesse Kanda. (Dur. 2:23) 2010 Jesse Kanda is an independent designer and visual artist based in London. (via Mike)

Holler Logo Bash [openFrameworks]

Lukasz Karluk aka julapy has been doing some interesting experiments with openCV. To start, he wanted to play with some basic shapes and since he was doing all this in work downtime he felt a little obliged to use the agency‘s logo. The end result in an interesting collage of both motion tracking, delaunay triangulations […]

Cymatic Ripple [C++, Cinder]

In his attempt to convince multitouch companies to give him their hardware in exchange for better demos or maybe just doing what he does pretty well; making the rest of us drool over his work, Robert Hodgin aka Flight404 has been making these incredible fluid/tactile (destined for multitouch) visuals. Here is a little info: I am using […]

YMYI [Processing]

YMYI (You Move You Interact) is an interactive installation created by João Martinho Moura, to create a connection between the physical and the projected. The project aims to explore a spatial sphere, where the user/performer is invited to develop his own creative inspiration based on his own body gestures and movements. Inspired by the work […]

Musophobia [iPhone]

Inspired by the loophole in the rendering stage of openGL, Musophobia for the iPhone is an application that allows you to draw using a particle cluster of brushes. Instead of a single brush like you would expect in other drawing applications, you wield up to 999 particle-brushes at once. Instead of using the brushes as […]

Fluid Motion Painter [iPhone]

A new addition to the ever growing collection of particle emitters for the iPhone, Fluid Motion Painter is a new release by David Hoe with a considerable amount of features to create and modify particle effects. Apart from what you would expect, and we have seen a number of apps incorporate elements like colours and stroke […]