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18/02/2010 / iOS

The long awaited Noby Noby Boy from Keita Takahashi is now available in the AppStore. We wrote about it few times in the past, most recently only few days ago with the release of wonderful videos but now we can finally ...

17/02/2010 / iOS

1:2-tone [=Halftone] converts your iPhone photos into halftone patterns. The process is simple; Browse your Photos album and pick an image, Zoom in or out and fit to the screen size, Choose dot size and then either make a wallpaper by ...

30/12/2009 / iOS

Ever since the release of Toy Camera together with Old Camera I have been slightly reluctant to review many "effector" apps now available in the AppStore. On a number of occasions I have also been suggested by friends to check ...

27/03/2009 / Flash


26/01/2009 / iOS

BuddyFeed is a recent addition to FriendFeed client apps for iPhone and iPod touch. Probably the most featured client, BuddyFeed is what you would expect from an app to browse latest activities of your friends and groups on FriendFeed. Although Mother Feed, webfeedr and Nambu ...

25/01/2009 / Flash, iOS

Takayuki Fukatsu has just released a free Windows and Mac OS X app called QuadAnimator, built in Flash, that can turn your multi-shots created using QuadCamera in to animated GIF's. We have reviewed QuadCamera few days ago and found it a perfect ...

20/01/2009 / WebApp

Deskography is a simple little service where you upload photos of your desk. Already incredibly popular on many sites' forums, it is very apparent that people love sharing where they work and what set-ups they have. This is not just because to ...

16/01/2009 / iOS

ToyCamera is a simple photo application that turns your iPhone into a fun toycamera. Created by Takayuki Fukatsu (iTunes link)it's his prime photo app for taking quick pics and applying quick photo effects. First released in October last year and most recently 2.01 version, ...

17/12/2008 / iOS

TiltShift is an application for the iPhone that lets you turn photo scenes into a miniature world by simulating a tilt-shift lens that tricks your mind into viewing a photo as a miniature scene like a model. Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- ...

12/12/2008 / iOS, Linux, Mac, MaxMSP, Processing, WebApp, Windows

Flickr is an interesting place. When we are all used to hanging out on our profile page or checking out our contacts' photos, the sheer amounts of images available on Flickr means that it is probably guaranteed that you may ...

09/12/2008 / WebApp

Pixlr is a free online image editor, simple fast and a serious alternative to photoshop when it comes to basic day to day image editing. Pixlr is built for non-professionals, the users that have basic editing needs. It's not for large RAW ...

12/11/2008 / Flash

Pictobrowser is what some may refer to as a 'better' flickr slideshow player for your site. Whilst flickr slideshow may offer some basic, quite limited functionality, Pictobrowser is a highly customizable player you can embed to best suit your images and your website's design. You ...

25/10/2008 / Flash

Blow Up is a flash application that allows you to view your Flickr photos in a whole new way. Simply enter your (or any) flickr username into the box below to view public photo albums. Your photos load full screen, giving ...

05/10/2008 / iOS

This is an application released only few days ago. Whilst at first sight it may seem a little simple or maybe too simple it offers exactly what it says - Draws Pixels. There may be no much control over how ...