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    Skube_tangible_interface_to_lastfm_spotify_01 copy

17/09/2012 / Arduino, MaxMSP, Objects, Sound

Created by Andrew Nip, Ruben van de Vleuten, Malthe Borch, and Andrew Spitz, Skube is a music player that allows you to discover and share music by physically interacting with custom designed cubes which act as an interface to and ...

10/02/2011 / Objects, Processing

Spotify Player is the work of Jordi Parra and his degree project: a device to listen to Spotify at home. In a nutshell the objects consists of Processing sketch, Arduino and an RFID reader. Each RFID tag can be assigned to a Spotify ...

01/12/2010 / Mac, openFrameworks, Sound

Created by Daniel Feles, refreq is a customisable music player. You can load music files into refreq, but also images (bitmaps, imgs, pngs). When you load a song, first the program analyzes the track, then it draws its frequency spectrum. After tracking, ...

15/09/2010 / Mac, openFrameworks, Sound

Created for Music Hack Day, Speakatron is a Mac application by Marek Bereza which allows you to play sounds using your mouth only. Made with openFrameworks the app uses your webcam to look to see if your mouth is open and ...

21/05/2010 / iOS

Radiobones is the first visual radio created by guppies in the dark. Instead of looking away once you press play, Radiobones includes a skeleton which dances a routine between ballroom dance and pogo which you set in the settings panel. ...

30/08/2009 / iOS

MultiVid is a multi-screen synchronization playback solution for the iPhone and the iPodTouch. Instead of using a centralized video processor, MultiVid allows you to play videos simultaneously on a number of iPhones/iPod Touches. Using a desktop application for both Mac and ...