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refreq [Sound, openFrameworks, Mac]

Created by Daniel Feles, refreq is a customisable music player. You can load music files into refreq, but also images (bitmaps, imgs, pngs). When you load a song, first the program analyzes the track, then it draws its frequency spectrum. After tracking, you can generate the spectral image / bitmap back into music. Likewise, if you load […]


Radiobones [iPhone]

Radiobones is the first visual radio created by guppies in the dark. Instead of looking away once you press play, Radiobones includes a skeleton which dances a routine between ballroom dance and pogo which you set in the settings panel. The app allows you to add your own radio stations, flick between them and set […]


MultiVid [iPhone]

MultiVid is a multi-screen synchronization playback solution for the iPhone and the iPodTouch. Instead of using a centralized video processor, MultiVid allows you to play videos simultaneously on a number of iPhones/iPod Touches. Using a desktop application for both Mac and Windows you can transfer videos to the devices via WiFi and play them simultaneously. […]