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Work in Progress [Processing]

Created by Ole Kristensen, Work in Progress installation includes an old roland plotter programmed to doodle in Processing. With a personality of it’s own, created to replicate, in it’s own way, the doodles we do during phone conversations (Ole). Ole describes the process: Before starting up a doodle, the plotter has to be loaded with paper, and […]


cheesePlotter [openFrameworks]

cheesePlotter is the latest installation by Undef, presented at hyperwerk (Base, Switzerland) some two weeks ago. Following experiments with a plotter and openFrameworks, the team of two has constructed an installation to record visitors and draw in realtime using somewhat now reduntand pen plotter. If you recall this post some weeks back, specially interesting was […]


Sweet New Toy [iPhone, openFrameworks]

underdoeg aka Philip Whitfield has just posted this video on Flickr that shows iPhone sending touch information to a pen plotter plugged into a computer. There is something quite wonderful about the realtime physical translation of touch motion on the iPhone. Whilst I understand the set-up to be quite complex, utilising OSC or similar plus this […]