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Where is my Heart? [Games]

Created by an indie developer based in Denmark and Germany called ‘Die Gute Fabrik’, ‘Where is my Heart?’ is their new debut on the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PSP platforms. In 2009, after the first Where is my heart?–prototype was displayed the independent games festival winning the student showcase prize. The game had a particular visual […]


Noby Noby Boy [iPhone]

The long awaited Noby Noby Boy from Keita Takahashi is now available in the AppStore. We wrote about it few times in the past, most recently only few days ago with the release of wonderful videos but now we can finally immerse ourselves in the wonderful world Keita has created. What first started as a PS3 […]


Noby Noby Boy [iPhone] – Latest

Brandon Boyer of Boing Boing has posted latest information on the upcoming Katamari creator’s Noby Noby Boy iPhone app. He writes: The videos surely depict exactly what the Noby team’s whiteboard meetings must be like, with hand-crafted puppet and cardboard-cutout versions of Noby characters each insisting on new features for the App to attract more than five […]


Noby Noby Boy [iPhone, Games]

AppStore now counts about 500-800 daily releases/updates and with the recent news about Flash developers joining the ride, finding exciting new releases in the AppStore is going to become increasingly difficult. This is why rely on other blogs to get information directly from the developers and hopefully find jewels amongst the thousands of apps being […]