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23/08/2013 / iPad, iPhone

Created and written by Neven Mrgan & James Moore, Blackbar is a political statement as a response to ███████ and a text game: a sci-fi story of a dystopian future told through the medium of word puzzles. Those who have had a chance ...
    sprite-glitch copy 2

28/05/2013 / Cinder, Games, iPad, iPhone

[caption id="attachment_35559" align="alignnone" width="640"] sprite-glitch (click for full image)[/caption] Word Shift is a tile-swapping word game created in Cinder by David Wicks. To play, shift letters around the board to form words that cascade off and reveal new letters. In addition ...
    oko_01 copy 2

16/10/2012 / Games, iPad

Created by Nadezda Suvorova (concept and design), Jérémie Forge (sound design) and Pierre Rossel/Nadezda Suvorova (development), OKO is a graphic puzzle  game for the iPad that uses imagery from NASA database. The goal is to reconstruct an image by stopping rotating ...
    broken_dimension_07 copy

16/10/2012 / Games

Work in progress by xra, Memory of a Broken Dimension is a new game created using Unity that combines glitch aesthetic together with FPS to create a world that is both ambiguous and very intriguing. While there is not much information about the game, xra ...
    Denki Puzzle_06 copy

14/09/2012 / Objects, Other

Now on display at the Design Museum in London as a part of the "designers in residence program", is the 'Denki Puzzle' created by japanese designer Yuri Suzuki and Technology Will Save Us. Using a kit of bespoke printed circuit board (PCB) components, ...
    windowsill01 copy

16/12/2011 / Games, iPad

Windosill by Patrick Smith ( is now available for the iPad.  An adventure puzzle game filled with peculiar objects, it is your task to resolve abstract but yet logical puzzles to progress from room to room. Our post from 2009: The world is populated by objects and ...

16/11/2011 / Featured, Games, iPad, openFrameworks

SpellTower is a new iPad game by Zach Gage, the name behind the titles such as Halcyon, Bit Pilot, and Unify. SpellTower is a word puzzle game that combines the traditional word making with Tetris style block physics. In the ...
    skipping_rocks copy

25/10/2011 / Games

Submitted to this years IGF 2012, Parallax by Zi Ye and Jesse Burstyn is an interdimensional platforming and puzzle-solving game. The goal in each level is to reach the exit by travelling between two overlapping dimensions through rifts. Parallax challenges the player ...

05/06/2011 / Games, iPhone

Re_Find is a simple but beautiful difference finding game for the iPhone . The game has two game modes; Train in Free Play and, when you're good enough, try and survive as many rounds as you can in Time Attack. The faster you ...

24/03/2011 / Games, iPad, iPhone

The long awaited "21st century interpretation of the archetypical old school videogame adventure, designed exclusively for Apple's touchtronic machinery" and one of the most anticipated games for the platform, aka Sword & Sworcery EP by Superbrothers, is now available in the ...

27/02/2011 / openFrameworks

Fabricate Yourself is a project by Karl D.D. Willis that documented the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Conference. Given the tangible theme of the conference Karl decided to engage the community by capturing and fabricating small 3D models of attendees. Attendees firstly capture ...

01/09/2010 / iPhone

Created by We Choose Fun, We Sliders is a simple puzzle game where the task is to arrange sliders into a vertical line. The game starts with only few rows and as you progress the number of rows increases. Each ...

08/08/2010 / Flash, Games

The team behind the IGF nominated game Snapshot Retro Affect just released a Flash version of their platform puzzler Depict1. It was originally created with Game Maker for the Global Game Jam 2010 and perfectly captured the game jam's theme ...

29/04/2010 / iPhone

FixPix a mini Game for iPhone/iPod Touch made by Delicious Toys (Mario & Andrew) in collaboration with the world renown pixel art group Eboy. eBoy was founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. Based in Berlin and Vancouver, ...

02/04/2010 / Games, iPad, iPhone

As most of us already know and those who don’t are not from this planet, the iPad is launching in the US tomorrow. With all the excitement and hype we thought we'd collect the most exciting, well designed and impactful ...

21/03/2010 / Games, iPhone

Niji is a beatiful colour arrangement tetris like vertical scroller by Grevolt, game studio based in Denmark. Your task is to guide the drops of paint to create rainbows of colour, ie a specific order of colour spectrum. The drops ...

16/02/2010 / Games, iPhone

From the creator of Monospace (itunes link) - Daniel Lutz, comes a new iPhone/iPod Touch game called Colorbind. The app was submitted to Apple yesterday and by recent estimations it should be Now available in the AppStore! within a day ...

23/12/2009 / Featured, iPhone

I have been told a number of times that apps CAN writes about are hardly ever the most sold or popular apps so why give so much attention to something that "people" don't like so much. It is also quite ...

22/12/2009 / Flash, Games

Created by Anthony Mattox, Pulsus is a flash game in which players must solve puzzles by arranging objects in order to move particles from an emitter into goal points. The game is in part about solving puzzles, but also about ...

18/12/2009 / Games, iPhone

From I Love Typography comes the new Font Game for iPhone & iPod Touch. Think you know your Arial from your Helvetica, your sans from your sans serifs? With three levels of game play from the ease-yourself-in, ‘Somewhat Difficult’ through ...

08/12/2009 / Games, iPhone

Chromixa is a new and unique colour-blending puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The task is to arrange shapes of light to complete designed puzzles. Based on the colours found within white light; red, green and blue (RGB) ...

30/11/2009 / Games, iPhone

Originally released as a Flash-based game back in 2007, The Science Museum of London has just released an iPhone version of it's popular Launchball puzzle game. Whilst the Flash version is still playable online, the iPhone version comes with 6 tutorial levels ...

20/11/2009 / iPhone

MinMe we wrote about weeks back has just received an update including a total of 60 levels that will cost you $0.99 via an in-app purchase. The first 16 levels are free and once you have completed these a message ...

17/11/2009 / Games, iPhone

Pocketball is a themed UI physics puzzle game by Big Bucket Software just released in the AppStore. Your goal is to guide the colored balls into their corresponding pockets. By drawing ropes between pegs, you navigate the balls around boosters, ...

22/10/2009 / Games, iPhone

Coloroll is a simple but beautiful color matching game brought to you by soulbit7. You start with the base colors that are the root of the game. From these three colors, Coloroll suggests a target color. Your goal is to match the mixing ...

24/09/2009 / Games, iPhone

Created as part of last month's Experimental Gameplay Project, Chaim Gingold's MinMe is a response to the theme "bare minimum". Made in 1.5 days, MinMe is a clean, minimal puzzler with 10 levels. The former Spore developer notes that if enough ...

18/08/2009 / Games, iPhone

Stay is a new physics game in the AppStore from Pete Anderson ( The concept is simple, keep your red object on the seesaw for as long as possible. You keep things balanced by dropping more blocks onto the seesaw. ...

13/08/2009 / Games, iPhone, openFrameworks

Unify is a new multi-touch block dropping puzzle game for the iPhone from Zach Gage. If you are unfamiliar with Zach, he created both SynthPond and Face It (currently in development), we wrote about weeks back. This time around, inspired ...

03/06/2009 / Games, iPhone

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