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Rainer Kohlberger

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07/08/2014 / vvvv

Earlier this year the Crossing Europe Festival (Linz) invited Rainer Kohlberger to do create festival trailer for 2014 edition of the event. In addition, the piece would also include cooperation with OK Centrum a place for contemporary art and the ...
    pxlsample65-700x466 copy

27/02/2012 / iOS, openFrameworks

pxl allows you to create abstract compositions out of your own photos. Choose between 9 different styles, pinch to change the image resolution or shake your device to randomly compile an image out of all possibilities available. Also included is ability ...
    shift-whitelaser05 copy

31/10/2011 / vvvv

Created by Rainer Kohlberger and Wilm Thoben (praxis berlin), White Light / White Heat (2011) is a piece for the site specific installation ’shift’ shown at the 22PRESENTS showroom in Prague. A strong laserbeam is deflected by two mirrors oscillating at very high ...

11/07/2011 / iOS, openFrameworks, Sound

Created by Rainer Kohlberger with sound by Wilm Thoben, field is an abstract audiovisual app that uses realtime camera feed as input. Brightness, saturation and color are interpreted, and translated into a constructed grid. The realtime image triggers different sounds as you ...