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lux4j01 copy

lux4j [Processing, Java]

Test scenes for Karsten Schmidt‘s new lux4j (Luxrender) exporter library for Processing/Java. Mesh generated with toxiclibs volumeutils Material is glass (IOR 1.75) with an additional 500nm film coating using IOR 1.33, causing the dichroic effect. film settings: ISO 250, f5.1, 1/58secs / ektachrome 64TCD sampler: metropolis + exphotonmap stats: 1020 samples/pixel (probably will need another 2k samples or so) render […]


Vellum [iPad]

David Lu has just posted images of the iPad work-in-progress version of his Vellum drawing application for the iPhone. Where the iPhone version of the app included only 3 modes (graphite, ink and scratch), the new iPad application appears to feature more elaborative brushes including pencil smudge which looks absolutely fantastic – see images below. To […]