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    alisa copy

09/01/2014 / MaxMSP

MirrorFugue is a Ph.D. research project by Xiao Xiao at the MIT Media Lab, exploring communicating gesture in music collaboration across space and time. The project is comprised of a set of interfaces for piano to visualise the gesture of ...
    the_flutenizer_01 copy

16/12/2013 / Javascript, WebApp

To celebrate the fifth birthday of Baillat Cardell and fils, Iregular decided to give their long term friends and collaborators a special present. By compiling all the research they did on web technologies and mobile during the year they created ...

09/07/2013 / Linux, Scripts

Created by Julian Oliver and installed at the recent NODE Forum in Frankfurt, Remote Install is an installation that remotely installs itself over the network and presents its own installation process as an artefact in itself. Distributed as a stripped down, customised GNU/Linux Operating System, the gallery ...
    tactilu_pangenerator_07 copy

17/06/2013 / Arduino

Created by the panGenerator collective in partnership with Cheil, Tactilu is a research project embracing remote haptic/tactile communication. The device takes a form of a bracelet capable of transmitting the touch between two individuals via bluetooth and internet connection provided by ...
    MIMPI_06 copy

05/04/2013 / vvvv

Created by Moscow based duo Stain, MIMPI - mobile interactive multiparametric image is an experiment using generative imagery combined with simple multiuser interaction. Audience has a direct influence over the image by tilting their iOS or Android device. Sound is created ...
    exTouch-pic copy

08/03/2013 / Arduino, Objects, openFrameworks

Created at the Tangible Media Group at the MIT in collaboration with Sony Corporation, exTouch creates Spatially-Aware Embodied Manipulation of Actuated Objects Mediated by Augmented Reality. In other words exTouch is an interface system that allows you to manipulate actuated objects in space using augmented ...
    13:56:02 Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

14/09/2011 / iPad

Developed by NewMediology (Danqing Shi), Last clock is a clock app that uses popular slit scan technique to keep you in factual time, human time and remote time. Just like any other analog clock, the app has three hands: one for seconds, ...
GRID is an interactive multi-touch sound visualization for the band Mathon and the ZKM AppArtAward 2011. Created for live events, the application consists of a desktop version for realtime graphic visualization of music - created using Processing and also an iOS version for ...

08/02/2011 / iPad, Sound

Konkreet Performer is an OSC music control and performance instrument created by Berlin based Konkreet Labs collective. Instead of faders and knobs, Performer allows you to remotely operate music or visual software on your computer, using interactive visualisations. Any software that allows ...

07/01/2011 / Objects

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty is an interactive lighting installation designed to reveal the materiality of computation by recontextualizing the common pixel. Composed of two hundred and twenty magnetic pixel-tiles in a darkened room, Zigelbaum + Coelho have created each pixel able to ...

02/11/2010 / iPad, iPhone, Sound

Very first glance at Konkreet Performer iPhone/iPad app by Konkreet Labs, visual OSC controller and visualizer for your DAW / Synth / Drum Machine / Sampler etc. Konkreet Performer is a control instrument for live music performance. Its unique and intuitive multi-touch ...

05/06/2010 / Flash, Games, iPhone

The Pirata Boat Race pits two teams against one another to row themselves to victory. With up to ten shipmates split between two vessels, the aim is to propel your boat to the finish line before the ...

05/06/2010 / iPad, openFrameworks

Created by Aircord lab team, same group behind the mobile runner app we wrote about few months back, AI Controller is an iPad application designed to control Box2D physics engine projected onto a building. Controlled by OSC to a openFrameworks ...

02/06/2010 / iPad, iPhone, Mac

Besides the beautiful icon, LiveView is a remote screen viewing application for the iPhone intended to help designers create graphics for mobile applications. The site suggest three good uses: FOR VISUAL DESIGNERS — Develop pixel–perfect graphics for the iPhone and iPad ...

17/02/2010 / iPhone, Quarz Composer

The team behind DMX Remote app Luminair have just released a new free plug-in for Apple's Quartz Composer called Pixelnode. Pixelnode enables lighting and multimedia designers to turn Apple’s Quartz Composer into a powerful live media-server, controllable via DMX lighting ...

11/11/2009 / Objects

Skål (Norwegian for bowl) is a media player designed for the home that lets you interact with digital media using physical objects. You place objects in a wooden bowl to play back related media on the TV. Skål uses RFID ...

26/12/2008 / iPhone

Using VNC protocol Jaadu allows you to access your computer from anywhere using your iPhone/iPod Touch. With its intuitive touchpad-like interface, Jaadu gives you full control of your computer's mouse and keyboard, and provides a rich visual display of your computer screens, ...