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    After Dark Flying Toasters

17/01/2012 / Mac, Windows

While the euphoric, dynamic forms of computational artist Marius Watz are probably quite familiar to CAN readers, the artist's curatorial and educational undertakings should definitely not to be overlooked. As an extension of his practice, Marius consistently organizes prescient and ...

18/02/2011 / Flash

NewSpeak is a project created by Immo Blaese for anticensor, the 10th Web Biennial at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum. As new words are picked up every minute, NewSpeak will display the opposite meaning (antonym) based on an Orwellian scenario of ...

06/08/2010 / Flash, Mac, Windows

Latest addition to the SCR Label is the beautiful visual art application created by qubibi (Kazumasa Teshigawara) that comes in the form of screensaver for Mac and Windows. Named hello world, this computer generated visual feast allows you to "enjoy the ever-changing, ...
    RetroScreen in the AppStore

21/06/2010 / CANApps, iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks

Created by Mike Tucker and published by CreativeApplications.Net, RetroScreen is an interactive incarnation of the older generation screensavers now designed for the iPad / iPhone and iPod Touch. If you can recall the days of endlessly starring at your PC/Mac screen watching the ...

09/12/2009 / Mac, Windows

Swimmer is a screensaver for both Mac and Windows created by Kazumasa Teshigawara aka qubibi and distributed by the recently launched creative label, SCR. During sleep, you do not have the control over your body, but you are also not totally out ...

23/08/2009 / Mac

BugMirror, created by Oriol Ferrer Mesià, is a screen saver for Mac that uses camera input to mimic swarms of housands of little bugs. The bugs react to camera input, trying to mimic what the camera sees. They are free to walk ...
    VN01 Oscillate

12/08/2009 / Flash, Mac, Windows

'Oscillate' is a screensaver created by Ben Stevens now available in both Mac and PC versions. A conceptual version of the traditional clock, 'Oscillate' is an animated graphic representation of a standard clock where each line represents a quarter, pulsing in quick succession to reveal the time. The ...

03/08/2009 / Mac, Windows

Word Clock is a free typographic screensaver for Mac OS X and Windows. It displays a fixed list of all numbers and words sufficient to express any possible date and time as a sentence. Word Clock displays time by highlighting ...

05/02/2009 / Mac

Andreas Müller aka hahakid has just released a final version Hana, a screensaver for Mac OSX. Previously seen in Lisbon's OFFF conference/exhibition, Hana is now available for download in the form of a screensaver. Started in 2007, Andreas has kept the progress of the ...

27/11/2008 / Mac

There are times when watching your mac go to sleep can be very irritating. For example, you may be working beside your computer doing things non-computer related but when you want to see something your mac, your realise it has ...