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Hook Champ + Super QuickHook [iPhone, Games]

When the Hook Champ was first released back October last year I was instantly impressed but refrained from posting much about the game until I actually completed it. Now that the new version, Super QuickHook, is out I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back and also provide some insight into what I think […]


Niji [iPhone, Games]

Niji is a beatiful colour arrangement tetris like vertical scroller by Grevolt, game studio based in Denmark. Your task is to guide the drops of paint to create rainbows of colour, ie a specific order of colour spectrum. The drops are moving so the time is running out. Getting the drops into the right buckets […]


V Z F [iPhone, Games]

F is for Falling, V is for Vortex and Z is for Zombie are three games for the iPhone by Jonathan Mulcahy (How I Hate the Night Studios). Adopting a drawing sketch style, each game is a cartoon like somewhat quirky and bizarre. Although the gameplay may not be particularly sophisticated I can’t help it but to enjoy […]