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Videorative Portrait of Randall Okita [Processing]

What is a truly realistic portrait? This question inspired a project about going beyond physical appearances and attempting to render the interior world of a human being, through memories, emotions, relationships and personal story. These are the questions that concern Sergio Albiac, which he attempts to answer in his latest project “Videorative Portrait of Randall […]

Fontplore [Processing, Environment]

Fontplore is an interactive application designed for searching and exploring font databases.Fontplore helps you to easily find the right typeface for your project in a collection of several thousands of fonts. It lets you browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. The interactive table is an implementation of the reacTIVision system […]

Keyboardr [WebApp]

Simple yet probably your most used webapp application replacement: Keyboardr Keyboardr is a replacement for your blank/google or any other start-up page you may have set in your Firefox/Explorer/Safari/Camino/Chrome or any other browser you are using. It speeds up your internet experience. And if you like, it helps you keeping your hands on the keyboard. You now do not […]