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19/03/2014 / Objects, Sound

Created by Quadrature, including Sebastian Neitsch, Jan Bernstein and Clara Iannotta, 12 is a sound machine comprised of 12 custom built music boxes with specially tuned lamellae controlled by on/off switches and knobs. Each knob controls the speed the music-box handle and when combined, the device becomes ...
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17/04/2013 / vvvv

Cycles 720 is an hybrid visual/audio sequencer by Craig Allan aka Numbercult built using VVVV and Ableton Live with a custom M4L patch. Circle/Line interactions trigger percussion: rhythm and swing are dictated by the size, number of circles, their degree of separation, ...
    capture_to_sound_satoruhiga_05 copy

01/11/2012 / openFrameworks, Sound

Some time ago Zach Lieberman posted code on the oF forums which allows you to show the pixels directly below the openFrameworks app window in a texture. This little app Satoru Higa (4nchor5 la6/rhizomatiks) uses the same method to create a music ...
    circadia_03 copy

23/02/2012 / iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks

Created by Kurt Bieg, Circadia is a very simple, very tricky and exceptionally engaging little game created using openFrameworks. Each level in Circadia is a constellation of musical colors seeking a rhythm. To solve the puzzle you must figure out ...
    minicomposer02 copy

24/01/2012 / iPad, iPhone, Sound

Karl Bartos (electronic musician, ex-Kraftwerk, co-composer of songs like The Robots, The Model, Computer World,...) and Masayuki Akamatsu (media artist and author of various iPhone apps) created a 16 step music sequencer now available for free on the AppStore. Created ...

23/08/2011 / iPad, Sound

Inspired by the IBM tape loop machine, Donut  is the latest release from The Strange Agency. This sound sequencer is a strange one, like the old IBM machine, it makes time two-dimensional by first creating a three dimensional loop and two ...

18/05/2011 / Javascript, Scripts

Hypertext Remix is a browser-sequencer created by Lara Warman and Kellyn Loehr. The system generates systems sounds when the browser hits the edge of the screen. The speed of each box is set by the scroll bar and the sounds ...

28/01/2011 / iPad, iPhone, Sound

www is the latest iPhone application by Kazuyuki Okamoto (OKAHON), the name behind NNN Mono, Powon and iOSC, experimental sound applications for the iOS platforms. www is a new step, creating an abstract sound toy using strings/waves analogy as a core ...

22/11/2010 / Flash, WebApp

AV Clash is a Web-based project by Video Jack (André Carrilho and Nuno Correia, with Gokce Taskan) evolved AVOL – AudioVisual OnLine (2007), which allows the creation of audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of sound and audio-reactive animation loops. AV (AudioVisual) Clash ...

08/10/2010 / iPad, iPhone, Sound

The reactable got it it's start before the iPhone and iPad brought multitouch to the masses. It began as an experiment into new forms of computer interaction, both for music applications and multi-user, multi-touch applications in general. The first iteration ...

15/07/2010 / iPad, openFrameworks, Sound

Sound Yeah is the latest application currently in development by Henry Chu, the same name behind Squiggle we mentioned few weeks back. I asked Henry  about the new app and this is what he said: In the beginning I wanted to ...

26/05/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Shapeless: The Drum Machine can be looked at two ways - one the one hand, it's a drum machine with 10 different sample kits. On the other hand, it's a new form of interactive album that is just starting to ...

13/04/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Kontrol is an experimental music toy by Johan Halin, a minimal techno composition where you control both the visuals and musical structure. The application was developed by Ab Parasol Oy. To make things happen, slowly push the blue buttons. I always ...

28/03/2010 / Java, Linux, Processing, Windows

Created by Hiroshi Matoba, Overbug is a music-performance tool designed to compose Minimal and Dance Music. Through looping and newly arranging sound patterns, the program creates complex, polyrhythmic sounds. Overbug differs from conventional linear controlled music sequencers, which arrange the sound ...

17/02/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Originally developed for Game Boy, Nanoloop music sequencer, synthesizer and sampler by Oliver Wittchow is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch. First released in 1999, Nanoloop for the gameboy has attracted a great following and even though the gameboy may be ...

26/12/2009 / iPhone, Sound

Gliss is new sound toy application which lets you play sound files and mix them easily by drawing on your iPhone. Play your mix using a tempo or scrub through by tilting your iPhone. Gliss allows you to improvise and perform ...

10/12/2009 / iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

ShapeSeq is a wonderfully simple sound sequencer created by Paul Apfrod using openFrameworks. Primitive shapes represent four oscillators you can choose from. As each shape is moved around the screen, the pitch and volume moves with it. Every shape has it's ...

21/11/2009 / iPhone

JonBro aka (Jonathan Brodsky) has just provided a sneak peak of the new music app in the making. Jonathan is part of Lucky Frame collective best know for their Wii LoopMachine and on Mujik music player on the iPhone. The new app ...

02/11/2009 / iPhone, Sound

SunVox is a modular sequencing application that has been ported to almost every platform under the sun (sorry, terrible pun). It's especially targeted to mobile platforms - in addition to working on Windows, Mac and Linux, it also works on ...

29/08/2009 / iPhone, Sound

Created by Retronyms, DopplerPad is an iPhone sound application that allows you to quickly create and perform musical hooks, phrases and loops with a variety of custom synth and sample-based instruments. DopplerPad offers a unique take on mobile music production. It's clear ...

10/08/2009 / iPhone, Sound

Jasuto is an iPhone music app (and a VST Plugin) that can rightly claim to be the first modular synthesizer on the platform. Jasuto lets you build your own patches or synths similar to how you would in Reaktor or ...

04/08/2009 / iPhone

8Bitone is a Retro 8-bit Synthesizer + Sequencer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. On first glance 8Bitone looks like any other keyboard app for the iPhone. Within about 5 - 10 minutes of playing with some of my many options ...

02/06/2009 / Mac


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29/10/2008 / Mac, Sound, Windows

Forester is a sound/composition generator visualized using Tree analogy. Built using MaxMSP, Forester allows you to load a number of samples and navigate them as you would a forest to create sound composition. You start by selecting your samples/sounds, loading them into the app and ...