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@><#!!! - The life of an overtaxed surface

Like the .fluid project we wrote about few weeks back, “@><#!!! – The life of an overtaxed surface” is a project by Vera Hausmann, Till Maria Jürgens and Vitus Schuhwerk responding to the brief “TalkToMe”, initiated by Professor Andreas Muxel at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne. This surface, consisting of a thin metal coated foil, is […]

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Cubepix by Xavi’s Lab at Glassworks Barcelona

The special projects division of Glassworks Barcelona – Xavi’s Lab created Cubepix, a fully interactive and real-time projection mapping installation in their studio that combines very simple materials (cardboard) with quite sophisticated tech (projection mapping, pixel rotation, sync, etc). It has been conceived and developed entirely by their resident technologist Xavi Tribo. The prototype has been devised […]