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rOtal copy

rOtal + apps for Android by Binuara

“Mental rotation is somewhat localized to the right cerebral hemisphere. It is thought to take place largely in the same areas as perception. It is associated with the rate of spatial processing and intelligence” Created by Bence Samu and Ágoston Nagy using Processing, rOtal for Android lets you play with three-dimensional objects by rotating them and finding the identical twin […]


BioRhythm [openFrameworks, Mac]

An element that is part of a bigger project call BioRhythm, Reza Ali created this beautiful generative openFrameworks application to render noised form with various shaders included. This is glsl noise distortion on a sphere in real-time and you can modify it via a number of parameters. The app also uses GLV, a GUI building […]


3D SuperShapes [Processing]

From the creator of 2D SuperShapes – Reza Ali comes the 3D version of the same, a visual exploration into superformula. Besides the ability to play with parameters and explore transformations, included also are rendering/texturing options to explore possible aesthetic that can be generated from the formula. You can download the application here for Mac, […]


2D SuperShapes [Processing]

2D SuperShapes is a processing application created by Reza Ali as an experiment to explore making something minimal and fun to play. We have already written about supershapes on CAN but in Flash form and 3D. What I especially enjoy about these experiments is their simplicity and boldness. Ability to play with parameters allows you […]