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19/07/2011 / CANApps, iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks

Created and published by CreativeApplications.Net, SKTCH is a generative drawing application for the iPhone / iPod Touch and now iPad. Version 2.0 brings a whole new UI utilising Apple's UIKit, for the iPhone - retina display support, two new presets, ...
    Android Market - Publish

27/04/2011 / Android, Processing, Tutorials

photo by Lei Gao Introduction In this tutorial, you'll learn how to sign and publish a Processing/Android sketch to the Android Market. Note that the signing process should be automated and accessible from the PDE quite soon. You can follow this specific issue here ...

09/03/2011 / WebApp

Jean Helfenstein, the name behind Rot.Sketch iPhone app has just launched an HTML5 experiment that allows you to produce spirograph like drawings. In addition you can draw new elements while others are rendering as well as move the centre around which lines ...

24/11/2010 / Flash, iPad, iPhone

From the makers of Computer Arts magazine, Visualator lets you create simple abstract imagery with your fingertips. Play with colour, shape and form to produce vibrant collages on the move. The app has launched with two tools - Gradulate and Triangulate and ...

02/08/2010 / iPad

David Lu has just posted images of the iPad work-in-progress version of his Vellum drawing application for the iPhone. Where the iPhone version of the app included only 3 modes (graphite, ink and scratch), the new iPad application appears to feature ...

13/07/2010 / iPhone, openFrameworks

Created by Jean Helfenstein, Rot.Sketch is an experimental creative sketching tool that allows you to create drawings by spinning your iPhone/iPod Touch. You begin by drawing lines/objects on the iPhone and by sinning the device, objects are duplicated on the screen. The app has ...

25/03/2010 / iPhone

Inspired by Mr. Doob's 'Harmony' web app, harmonious is an iPhone version of the same created by The Angry Robot Zombie Factory allowing you to create drawings using smart generative brushes some devised and others evolved by Mr. Doob. Harmonious uses ...

15/02/2010 / Processing

In the summer of 2009 Michael Meredith of MOS Architecture approached George Michael Brower to develop an application that would allow MOS to explore permutations of a certain type of structure they were prototyping on paper (see image at the bottom). Michael ...

27/01/2010 / Games, iPhone

F is for Falling, V is for Vortex and Z is for Zombie are three games for the iPhone by Jonathan Mulcahy (How I Hate the Night Studios). Adopting a drawing sketch style, each game is a cartoon like somewhat quirky and bizarre. ...

29/12/2009 / openFrameworks

What you see below is a quick composition Marek made on his macbook with the internal camera and microphone to demo his new little program. He originally created this sampler as a way to sample sounds very quickly (it's here: ...

01/11/2009 / iPhone

Just before you think 'Oh no, not another drawing app', here is something really refreshing, thinking about drawings in a whole/new/old way. If we were ever to understand marks that a pencil or charcoal makes, it would be a close networks ...

02/10/2009 / News

Inspired by the Rhonda Forever project, the OpenEndedGroup team have polished their 3d freehand drawing tool in Field. If you are unfamiliar with Field, it is an open-source tool platform for digital art and experimental code writing  that brings together the ...

12/08/2009 / Events, Processing

Rhizome & OpenProcessing have just launched  Tiny Sketch, a 200 Character Processing Competition. Tiny Sketch is an open challenge to artists and programmers to create the most compelling creative work possible with the programming language Processing using 200 characters or less. The ...

06/08/2009 / News, openFrameworks

Rhonda, a 3d drawing tool originally developed by Amit Pitaru circa 2003 has now entered private beta. Those that registered would have received an email earlier today announcing the beta together with the download link and introduction video (see below) by ...

23/07/2009 / News

Zach Lieberman (openframeworks) and Zach Gage (synthpond) have just joined the Rhonda Team.  "Rhonda" is a 3D drawing tool originally developed by Amit Pitaru circa 2003. The first half of the video below shows James Paterson doing a drawing start to finish. In ...