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DScan – Slit-Scanning for the iPhone

It is safe to say that everyone that has had a play with Processing or openFrameworks has at some point thought about creating a slit scanning app for the iPhone. It is one of those techniques that gets designers thinking about pixels and time together and is even included in Processing as one of the […]

Last Clock [iPad]

Developed by NewMediology (Danqing Shi), Last clock is a clock app that uses popular slit scan technique to keep you in factual time, human time and remote time. Just like any other analog clock, the app has three hands: one for seconds, minutes and hours. The hands, however, are made of a slice of live video that gets […]

Concentrated Geographies [Processing]

Concentrated Geographies is Toronto media artist Tori Foster’s first solo show and—making good on its name—the assembled work carefully considers the nature and representation of urban experience. The show features four projects, all of which rely on Processing to manipulate footage of everyday city scenes to explore and abstract movement, routine and emergent behaviour. Movement Portraits […]

Slitscan Carnival [c++]

Sure, there are plenty of slitscan projects out there and Golan has a very good page up on his blog how to go about doing some slitscanin’. Then, I came across this project on MAKE, created by Carl Rosendahl using his Canon 7D and programmed using C++ . It takes about a minute to create 100 frames […]

Color States [Processing]

Few experiments by Peter Jacobson using Processing and looking very .gif-eresque. There is no description in the videos but they are a joy to watch. I can only assume that they are responsive to music but it is hard to say. See videos below.