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Rymdkapsel – New game by Martin ‘grapefrukt‘ Jonasson

It’s been a while since we at CAN were excited about an upcoming game for the iOS. Maybe it is just optimism but rymdkapsel by Martin ‘grapefrukt‘ Jonasson brings back the memories of Edge just before it was released. Besides Eliss, Edge was one of those few games that defined the iOS platform. Now, currently in development rymdkapsel may be the next one.


Broken Brothers [Games, Windows]

Broken Brothers Deluxe is a free indie strategy game available to download at Submitted for this years IGF, Broken Brothers is one of my favourites to win. Somewhat goth/russian constructivist aesthetic strategy game, with a good mix of what you’d expect including unlocking units, fighting across insane terrain, levelling up by expanding across the […]


Weewar Mini Contest Winners [News]

Submissions for our Mini WeeWar contest are now closed and we have the winners! Each winner will be receiving a free  3 Month subscriptions to! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest, there were many great entires it was very hard to pick a winner. Stay tuned for future contests!   Winners […]


Weewar Mini Contest [News]

It’s christmas time and what better way to celebrate then to give away things for free. You probably noticed the sheer amount of promo codes for the iPhone apps we announced in our AppSubs section. This is slightly different. We are launching a mini contest to win 3 x 3 Months free Pro subscriptions to the award […]


Red Sky [iPhone]

Red Sky is a new addition to the App Store in the defence style game category. As a commander it is your task to defend your cities against incoming missiles through 50 levels of increasing difficulty. Collect score stars to activate the four powerups that are unlocked one at a time at every 10th level. […]


Retro Defense [iPhone]

Retro Defense is an old school styled version of a very popular tower defence style game. The goal, like in other types of these games, is to stop the invaders from getting through the board. What differentiates Retro Defense from Fieldrunners (game we reviewed few weeks back) is that the retro look does give the game a more analytical/strategy feel. […]


Fieldrunners [iPhone]

Probably one of the most stunning iPhone games in the AppStore, Fieldrunners is an adventure game for your iPhone. Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants. The game begins simple but as you build towers […]


Enso•Dot [iPhone]

Enso•Dot is an elegant logic puzzle that engages both your fingers and intuition. The objective is simple–connect the dots using one continuous loop while following the given pattern. Every puzzle provides an opportunity to develop new approaches and new strategies. Beautifully designed, Enso•Dot is a good example of non-standard iphone interface sculpted to provide engaging experience. Not […]


Weewar [WebApps]

Launched in July 2006, Weewar is an award winning turn based strategy game. There are thousands of maps and scenarios to choose from, and since it is all happening in the browser Weewar can be played from anywhere. With regular balancing and other major updates such as custom maps, Weewar is showing true strategy game […]