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    forest_marshmallow_laser_feast_05 copy
'Forest' is the latest interactive installation by Marshmallow Laser Feast, London collective consisting of  Memo Akten, Robin McNicholas and Barney Steel. Commissioned by and premiered at the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven, 'Forest' covers almost 450 square meters and is comprised of over 150 musical 'trees' made of ...
    François Quévillon – Dérive

18/05/2012 / openFrameworks

Installation and media artist François Quévillon was amongst the many practitioners discussing their work at the International Marketplace for Digital Arts presentations during the BIAN two weeks ago in Montreal. Quévillon used his talk to give a brief overview of ...
    Difluxe14 copy

23/03/2012 / Cinder

Created by Avoka Production, DIFLUXE allows us to observe and interact with a world of living beings. On screen, the particles wander forming groups similar to schools of fish. The visitor is invited to upset the balance of this microcosm by placing ...
    Cube with Magic Ribbons 02 copy

16/02/2012 / openFrameworks, Sound

The following clip is a preview Simon Katan's new composition tool for live performance Cube with Magic Ribbons created using openFrameworks and SuperCollider. Simon describes the piece as partly drawing on the visual paradoxes of M.C.Escher but also being inspired by the ...

28/08/2011 / openFrameworks, Sound

Simple Harmonic Motion is an ongoing research and series of projects by Memo Akten exploring the nature of complex patterns created from the interaction of multilayered rhythms. Shown at Ron Arads Curtain Call at the Roundhouse last friday, this ultra wide video ...

13/07/2011 / openFrameworks

Created by The Light Surgeons for the National Maritime Museum in London, the installation "Voyagers" engages with England's long standing relationship to the sea, featuring thematic images and film from the museum's collection animated atop a continually flowing ocean of ...

01/11/2010 / c++, News, Sound

The SuperCollider development community invites graphic designers and UI specialists to create a unique and elegant look for its GUI controls (buttons, sliders, knobs, etc.)  Visual coherency of the interface elements is essential for making a good first impression for ...

17/09/2009 / WebApp

The eBay-Generator is an application that translates data from arbitrary eBay useraccounts into little music pieces. A first prototype - using the South American eBay- clone Mercadolibre - was presented in September 2007. Leading on from this first version comes ...