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    Caviar-House-T2-by-Cinimod-Studio-lowres-9189-940x626 copy

28/05/2014 / Environment, vvvv

Commissioned by Caviar House & Prunier for London Heathrow Terminal 2, "Emergence" is a new light installation by London based Cinimod studio. The installation takes on a playful relevance to Caviar House, re-imagining the movement of a school of fish ...
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11/02/2014 / Video

Working with the code from Daniel Shiffman's 'Flocking' sketch in Processing, Cyrill Studer and Lazar Jeremic, under direction of Ludwig Zeller, created this visual instrument for creating and controlling organically moving particles with a swarm behaviour. The swarm behaviour from the original sketch was changed ...
    constellaction_07 copy

09/10/2013 / Arduino

Earlier this year panGenerator was invited by Copernicus Science Center to create an installation for the new media and technology oriented Transformations Festival and given the central idea of this years edition - empowering people via new tools such as ...
    resinance_03 copy

11/06/2013 / Objects

Realised by the students of MA of Advanced Studies class at the Chair for CAAD and supervised by Manuel Kretzer, Resinance is part of an ongoing series of projects exploring the potential use of smart materials in an architectural context. Influenced by ...
    Anfischer_Schwarm_violett_02 copy

30/05/2012 / Processing

Schwarm by Andreas Nicolas Fischer is a Processing application that uses a swarm of particles to gradually create an abstract composition from photographs. The drawing agents behave according to a set of rules, but have a degree of autonomy. Each time the ...
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15/12/2011 / Flash

Created by Tangible Intervention (the public art arm of Tangible Interaction) in collaboration with origami artist, Joseph Wu, Jelly Swarm is a public artwork for the Vancouver Aquarium in BC, Canada.  The installation features 94 folded origami jellies, each containing ...

20/03/2011 / Flash, openFrameworks

Created by Hi-ReS! and Nanika is a project for the new Hyundai i40, which was revealed at the Geneva Motorshow on the 1 March. Starting on Friday, 25 Feb, users could connect through Facebook (or not) to directly participate in ...

26/11/2010 / c++, MaxMSP, Theory, Tutorials

The project "Interactive Swarm Space" (ISS) explores the application of swarm simulations for the creation of interactive and immersive spaces. It aims to develop tools and strategies for establishing meaningful relationships between swarm behavior, interaction, perception, as well as musical ...

21/06/2010 / Events, Inspiration

Swarm Light is the latest project by rAndom International as a part of the Designer of the Future award exhibition at this year’s Design Miami / Art Basel. It is an experimental light installation with a real ‘collective consciousness’, subtly ...