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Jelly Swarm [Air]

Created by Tangible Intervention (the public art arm of Tangible Interaction) in collaboration with origami artist, Joseph Wu, Jelly Swarm is a public artwork for the Vancouver Aquarium in BC, Canada.  The installation features 94 folded origami jellies, each containing an LED light module, suspended from a custom aluminum structure. Inspired by the luminescent jellies […]

Interactive Swarm Space [c++, MaxMSP]

The project “Interactive Swarm Space” (ISS) explores the application of swarm simulations for the creation of interactive and immersive spaces. It aims to develop tools and strategies for establishing meaningful relationships between swarm behavior, interaction, perception, as well as musical and artistic expression. You will find papers, documentation, videos, tutorials, images and code+applications for download […]

Swarm Light [Inspiration, Events]

Swarm Light is the latest project by rAndom International as a part of the Designer of the Future award exhibition at this year’s Design Miami / Art Basel. It is an experimental light installation with a real ‘collective consciousness’, subtly reacts to the viewer’s audible presence. The installation is a contemporary example of how the […]