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    duration_04 copy

18/02/2013 / openFrameworks

Created by James George and co-developed by YCAMInterLab during the Guest Research Project v.2, Duration is an open source and completely free timeline application built using openFrameworks which integrates with Processing, Cinder, vvvv, Unity3d, Quartz, and any other OSC enabled environment. A Duration project, available as an example, is a collection ...
    visuamusio_10 copy

14/09/2012 / iOS, Kids, openFrameworks

Created by AppArt, Visua Musio is a new iPad application from the japanese collective allowing users to create experimental sound compositions using geometric shapes.
    chronotape01 copy

22/02/2012 / Arduino, Processing

Inspired by reel-to-reel tape machines, microfilm, cine-film projectors and arcade games, Chronotape is a tangible timeline for family history research designed by Peter Bennett and developed as part of the PATINA project, within the Bristol Interaction & Graphics group.
    ofxTimeline02 copy

05/12/2011 / openFrameworks

ofxTimeline is a new add-on for openFrameworks by James George aka obviousjim. The addon allows you to treat content in your oF apps as you would in After Effects or other similar applications that are driven by keyframe animation and ...