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‘Feel Me’ by Marco Triverio – Digital touch and new channels for bit-intimacy

Feel Me is a project by Marco Triverio that explores the gap between synchronous and asynchronous communication using our mobile device in attempt to “connect differently” and enrich digital communications. Whereas we draw lines between phone conversations and sms messages, Feel Me looks for space in between that would allow you to be intimate in realtime, non-verbally using […]


Organic Electric [Inspiration]

Organic Electric by Jason Krugman is a series of works composed of hand soldered LED mesh, folded and shaped into 3-dimensional illuminated forms, animated and touch responsive. It is an exploration into the possibilities of 3-dimensional electro-luminescent LED structures. There are myriad possibilites for LEDs as a physical media, going far beyond their traditional use […]

clouddataapp00 [iPhone, iPad]

Created by Aaajiao (Xu Wenkai), a media artist based in Shanghai, is an iPhone/iPad app installation inspired by an ancient legend. Using different touch gestures you get to control the passing cloud formations. Single tap allows you to redirect them, double to change their size and three finger drag to adjust opacity. The app is […]


Piano Gloves [Processing]

The first prototype of Piano Gloves created by Scott Garner using Arduino and Processing. The concept is simple including gloves with buttons at the end of the fingers connected to Arduino which are fed to custom Processing app that generates the sounds. via


Vellum [iPhone]

Just before you think ‘Oh no, not another drawing app’, here is something really refreshing, thinking about drawings in a whole/new/old way. If we were ever to understand marks that a pencil or charcoal makes, it would be a close networks of cross hatched lines endlessly overlapping one another. Thicker, bolder pencil points mark darker […]


Rhonda: 3D Drawing Tool [News] – Now in Private Beta

Rhonda, a 3d drawing tool originally developed by Amit Pitaru circa 2003 has now entered private beta. Those that registered would have received an email earlier today announcing the beta together with the download link and introduction video (see below) by Zach Lieberman (openframeworks). Built with openFrameworks, this beta version is a bit different from the one […]


Rhonda: 3D Drawing Tool [News]

Zach Lieberman (openframeworks) and Zach Gage (synthpond) have just joined the Rhonda Team.  “Rhonda” is a 3D drawing tool originally developed by Amit Pitaru circa 2003. The first half of the video below shows James Paterson doing a drawing start to finish. In the second part James is cycling through various previous drawings, created between 2004 and 2005. […]


PhiLia 01 [iPhone]

PhiLia 01 is a new iPhone application created by the the Austrian visual artist Lia, one of the early pioneers of Software and Net Art who has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. The app is about artistic harmony, expressed through interactive generative movement, sound, form and color. Not too dissimilar […]


Five Great Word Puzzle Games [iPhone]

There are many great games available in the AppStore but if you are crossword addict, enjoy playing with words or just want to improve your vocabulary? We bring you five great word games that should be on your iPhone. Not only that they are engaging but they are well designed, some making real use of iPhone’s touch […]


Pixel [iPhone]

This is an application released only few days ago. Whilst at first sight it may seem a little simple or maybe too simple it offers exactly what it says – Draws Pixels. There may be no much control over how you draw pixels but the feature to convert images into pixel graphics is there which […]