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Voice Lessons [MaxMSP]

Voice Lessons (2011) by John Keston is an electronic, audio device that interrogates the popular myth that every musical instrument imitates the human voice. Touching the screen allows the participant to manipulate the visuals and vocalizations of the “voice teacher” as he recites vocal warm up exercises. John describes the piece “in the space between […]


Extending the Touchscreen [oF, Arduino, iPad, iPhone]

‘Extending the Touchscreen’ is an ITP Thesis project by Michael Knuepfel which includes seven devices designed to improve upon or supplement the functionality of capacitance touchscreens; game controller, digital signet rings, mechanical stylus, sound stylus, pulse generator, dial-a-rama and future devices. Touchscreens like those found on smartphones and tablets have enabled a new generation of versatile user interfaces. My […]


Physical Touchscreen Knobs [iPhone, iPad]

This is an experiment by DS-Labs (a bunch of designers at Teague), same collective that brought you DIY Soft iPhone and iPad Stylus. What I find especially interesting is that although quite limited, this little experiment actually provides a very good insight of what is yet to come. Whilst touch screen tables such as Microsoft Surface […]