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DMesh [Cinder, Mac]

In the last few years we have  seen a number of projects that utilise delaunay triangulation to translate photographs into their geometric representations. Jonathan Puckey’s Delaunay Raster was the first to utilise this combination of delaunay triangulation with manually placed points and color averaging. Jonathan’s images, most of us have seen already, have inspired a wave of projects. Latest […]

Actelion Imagery [Processing]

Created by onformative, studio founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in Berlin, Actelion Imagery is an application built for Actelion, a biopharmaceutical company that researches, develops and markets medicines for diseases that still lack adequate treatments. Project brief was to create a new identity for their brand without touching the logo, but in keeping with Actelion […]

Continuum [Processing]

Continuum is the latest project by Mary Huang, past student of  Design | Media Arts at UCLA, and Interaction Design at CIID. The project is an attempt to blend rapid fabrication, interactive software, and the accessibility of the web, to let individuals participate directly in the design and production process. Software developed in Processing allows you […]

New Angles [Objects]

‘Seeing things from different angles, changing the perception of what we are seeing’ – New Angles is an interactive installation reflecting the juxtaposition of subversive thinking and visual perception. The project was created by SuperNature, the knowed Shanghai based multi-discipline design company which is specialized in interactive design, visual communication & media technology. New Angles […]

Tessel – the details [Objects, c++]

Last week we posted about the new installation by David Letellier and Lab [au] for their gallery in Brussels. Now we have some great new details, supplied by Jerome Decock of Lab[au]. The installation was inspired by the notion of “tessellation”, a term applied to the geometric subdivision of a surface into plane units. It includes […]

Tessel [Objects, Events]

Tessel is a collaboration between David Letellier and Lab [au], a Brussels based transdisciplinary studio.The kinetic installation investigates the perception of sound and space, inspired by the notion of “tessellation”, a term applied to the geometric subdivision of a surface into plane units. Tessellation has been applied throughout history from ancient to modern times, from two […]

Horizons [iPhone, iPad, oF]

Horizons is a interactive sound toy which brings together the atmospheric sounds of Eli Murray (Gentleforce) and generative visuals of Lukasz Karluk. The app is an exploration of colour, sound and form. The design of the piece focuses on creating subtle colour refractions in a rich colour scape using an algorithmic process known as triangulation. Fluidity of […]