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17/12/2013 / Review

AIT (“Social Hacking”), taught for the first time this semester by Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald at NYU’s ITP, explored the structures and systems of social interactions, identity, and self representation as mediated by technology. The semester was spent developing ...
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04/01/2013 / Arduino, openFrameworks

Created by Mithru Vigneshwara, Aleph of Emotions is an interactive object that allows users to view worldwide emotions collected from tweets collected over 35 days in 2012. Using openFrameworks, Arduino, GPS module and a smart phone (Samsung device in video, iPod Touch ...
    emoto 03 copy

27/07/2012 / Javascript

The emoto project captures and visualises the excitement around the Olympic Games in London 2012. The web application moves from real-time (web-based visualisation and mobile app you can try now) to "Echo" (sensory installation, during the Paralympics) to "Archive" (data sculpture, at the Cultural Olympiad ...
    republica_02 copy

27/05/2012 / Javascript, Processing, Scripts

For re:publica, one of Europe’s largest conferences about social media, blogging and the digital society, Precious design studio created an analogue twitter wall to deter visitors from their usual stares at the digital screens by bringing the virtual to the ...
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11/05/2012 / openFrameworks, Processing

Plinko Poetry is a new interface for electronic poetic expression, by Inessah Selditz and Deqing Sun, two Master's students at NYUs Interactive Telecommunications Program. The installation draws source text from current @nytimes and @FoxNews tweets and creates a new corpus of ever ...

05/03/2012 / WebApp

At the best of times the relationship between cyclists and motorists is tense. Given that the amount of dedicated routes available to cyclists in many cities is quite limited, motorists that opt to stop or park in what should be ...

12/07/2011 / c++

See Something or Say Something is a project by Eric Fischer which maps out locations of Flickr pictures (red dots) and locations of Twitter tweets (blue dots). Note the white dots are locations that have been posted to both services. Although there ...

22/04/2011 / Processing

Cascade is the latest project by NYTimes R&D department that allows precise analysis of the structures that underly sharing activity on the web. Initiated by Mark Hansen and working with Jer Thorp and Jake Porway (Data Scientist at the Times) the team ...

18/02/2011 / Flash

NewSpeak is a project created by Immo Blaese for anticensor, the 10th Web Biennial at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum. As new words are picked up every minute, NewSpeak will display the opposite meaning (antonym) based on an Orwellian scenario of ...

25/07/2010 / Processing

Created by Christian Marc Schmidt & Liangjie Xia, Invisible Cities is a information mapping project that reveals social networks present within the urban environment. The application, built using Processing, allows realtime mapping of activity on Twitter and Flickr by displaying intensities ...

29/06/2010 / Processing, WebApp

With Twitter users generating tens of thousands of messages per minute, Hit-A-Tweet by Andreas Schlegel is a project that utilizes this data-flow overload in twitter to allow participants to create new tweet narratives. Project was created using Processing and twitter4j, ...

02/04/2010 / Games, iPad, iPhone

As most of us already know and those who don’t are not from this planet, the iPad is launching in the US tomorrow. With all the excitement and hype we thought we'd collect the most exciting, well designed and impactful ...

11/03/2010 / Flash, WebApp

This is truly one awesome messaging service created by Protein's boy Bjorn. The idea is simple, write text, choose style and save with the link to post to your friends. Big, bold, just the way we love it. Inspired by Barbara ...

06/03/2010 / Featured, WebApp

Nearly 4 months since our last post on Twitter Art Projects but this time we have collected more diverse than ever collection of art installations/web projects that utilize twitter in a very unique way. From radio controlled cars to hand ...

06/01/2010 / iPhone

N Building is a commercial structure located near Tachikawa station amidst a shopping district. The team at Qosmo working together with teradadesign architecture studio thought of using QR Code (two-dimensional bar code) as the facade of the building. By reading the ...

09/11/2009 / WebApp

Andreas Pihlström ( has just posted a new invitation URL to his recently launched Qonversation micro-forum website. The site has been private until now and has just opened up for few more new members who have been following Andreas and his ...

28/10/2009 / Featured, WebApp

"Where is your art" is a kinetic sound installation created by András Juhász Márton, Melinda Matúz, Gergely Kovács and Barbara Sterk. Once a visitor enters the room hacked toy robots start to chat about art, reading the most recent lines ...

22/10/2009 / Processing

Karsten Schmidt aka Toxi (PostSpectacular) has just posted source and the app used to create this year's onedotzero festival identity in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy.  The code allows you to modify most of the functionality of the app, ie insert your ...

02/09/2009 / WebApp

Inspired by the very popular web trends inforgraphic which circulated many graphic and art websites including reaching even techcrunch, WebTrendMap is a new service currently in private beta that allows you to create you own maps of your twitter followers ...

01/09/2009 / Events, Processing

Wieden and Kennedy were commissioned by onedotzero to create a visual identity and interactive installation for their upcoming "adventures in motion" event this September at BFI Southbank. Together with Karsten Schmidt (aka toxi), UK based computational designer they created a Processing ...
    CAN Social Feed using Yahoo Pipes

28/08/2009 / News

In the last few weeks we have been trying to find the best way to aggregate CAN activities online. We have many followers and readers but sometimes some of our postings are missed. Twitter is a good example where you ...

24/08/2009 / Processing

GoodMorning! is a project by Jer Thorp, a Twitter visualization tool that shows about 11,000 ‘good morning’ tweets over a 24 hour period. Built using processing, using the ‘gathering’ client running for 24 hours collecting 1,500 tweets at a time, the app displays ...

16/08/2009 / iPhone

TiltShift Generator is a new iPhone photo effector application by Takayuki Fukatsu. Currently in development and available in the AppStore soon, TiltShift Generator builds on Takayuki's previous iPhone apps (ToyCamera, QuadCamera) to deliver something quite unique. For those unfamiliar with ...

31/07/2009 / Featured, Theory

Morse Code does not need much introduction but for the case of argument it may be relevant to understand the cause of discovery before we address issues why this may be relevant now when more sophisticated methods of communicate are ...
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