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Textoy [Mac, Windows, Cinder]

Textoy is a cinder app by Ariel Malka that is all about physical interaction with text and a slight touch of generative sound. Latest work in progress in the series of projects exploring interactive text and typeface, in this latest experiment Ariel has created an app that allows you to draw a curve along which custom text follows. The iPad version […]


Prototyp-0 / Font Generator [Processing]

Created by Yannick Mathey (byte-foundry), prototyp-0 is an application designed for the drawing of typographical characters. Created using Processing, the application automates the process allowing you to manipulate a large number of character properties in realtime, reflecting on the results and applying it to others. Settings used on a single letter or letter sequence “type,” are instantly reflected on […]


Helvetica Face [Flash]

Created by Naoki Nishimura, Helvetica Face is a Livetype format font. This new Helvetica family font changes the “typeface” based on the posting of a new “face”. The site allows you to record your face within the font, adjusting the threshold resulting in a new glyph you can download. While normal fonts which are governed by […]


Craig Ward [Profile, Events]

We had a pleasure of hearing Craig speak at the recent OFFF conference and thought we’d outline his talk including influences, development and general typography interests he has evolved over the last few years. Interestingly, we do not have many typography projects on CAN and considering the Craig’s procedural working we thought it might appeal […]


SoBe ReSkin [Flash]

SoBe ReSkin in an installation created for SXSW Interactive this year, utilising Flash to provide the public with an opportunity to “Virtually reskin yourself, then fool your friends”. Few words from Dofl Y.H. Yun, Lead Developer on the project: This project has couple of special meaning to me. Fist of all, I moved to NYC […]


Comic Sans Destroyer [Mac]

“Happiness Brussels is looking for a graphic designer with taste. Before you send your candidature, please destroy Comic Sans from your computer immediately” says the specially designed site by Happiness Brussels, a Brussels based communication agency. Message is loud and whomever left out there still using Comic Sans. The download includes a simple Mac […]


nonsenseTypo [openFrameworks, Mac]

Since the cheesePlotter project (installation), deffekt (Martin Fuchs) has been making further experiments with type using openFrameworks. Latest in the series is nonsenseTypo, a generative font app available for download (mac Only). The application generates ambiguous variations on a letter in alphabet,  allowing you to browse different permutations. Download here + More examples here + […]


The Font Game [iPhone, Games]

From I Love Typography comes the new Font Game for iPhone & iPod Touch. Think you know your Arial from your Helvetica, your sans from your sans serifs? With three levels of game play from the ease-yourself-in, ‘Somewhat Difficult’ through to the incredibly challenging ‘Exceedingly Difficult’, there should be lots of fun for novices and […]


Ghostwriter [vvvv, Inspiration]

As soon as Rainer Kohlberger heard that the theme for 2009’s biennal! festival was «Text and Music» he documented all the Hooklines that suddenly appeared in his head that day and visualized in realtime animated pictures. «Hooks» are those tiny edgy fragments of a songtext that nests inside your head and mostly they come with […]


LAIKA [Processing]

A bachelor thesis project of Michael Flückiger and Nicholas Kunz, Laika is a dynamic typeface created using Processing. Via a custom designed control panel, user can adjust kerning, italics, size and other properties of a typeface. The final project installation included a type which was responsive to passers-by. Try it online here (via blitblit) LAIKA on […]


Chase The Dot Insane [iPhone]

The very popular free Chase The Dot game for the iPhone, downloaded over 1 million times is back in a revamped edition by the renown Universal Everything. The new edition named “Insane” maintains same simple principles but introduces new elements like the Double Dot , the Evil Dot and most requested feature – online rankings. The principle […]


Fontplore [Processing, Environment]

Fontplore is an interactive application designed for searching and exploring font databases.Fontplore helps you to easily find the right typeface for your project in a collection of several thousands of fonts. It lets you browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. The interactive table is an implementation of the reacTIVision system […]