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    TheMoment07 copy

12/02/2014 / MaxMSP, Processing

Created by Hyun Ju Song and Mi Lyoung Bae, The Moment is an exploration of language, how the meaning is formed from words. Hyun Ju Song describes a situation when people face an absurd situation in Korea, they say "It ...

16/12/2013 / Javascript

There is a huge variety of fonts used in the signs of local stores. In Japan, like elsewhere around the world, they may not be so sophisticated but have a unique charm and paint a picture of the city. In ...
    photo-1 copy

11/12/2013 / Javascript

Created by Jono Brandel, Anitype is a project with a question - "what if letters could move?". Thanks to Javascript, Anitype speaks in code and provides a letter and a sandboxed environment for anyone to tinker and animate characters from the roman ...
    novoline_browser_4 copy

23/10/2013 / Javascript

Created by Andreas Gysin, the project is a micro site for the dark, powerful and loud sound 7” record release by the German artist Novoline. While designing the cover Andreas was asked to leave a tiny white area somewhere on ...
    generative_gatsby_cover_closeup copy

17/07/2013 / Processing

Created by Vladimir V. Kuchinov, The Generative Gatsby: Jazzed Up Typography is a book  that highlights the furious rhythms of the jazz era, altering prose to a new typographic frontier and transforming the final outcome to an encyclopaedia of dance styles of ...
    adrian1 copy

01/03/2013 / Featured, Javascript, Scripts

(above: #oneseccond by Philipp Adrian - A connection between 5522 people all across the world that have been active on Twitter within the timeframe of one second.) basil.js is a scripting library that has been developed at the Visual Communication Institute ...

23/07/2012 / News, Processing

For the second time this year we are very pleased to welcome our dear friends YouWorkForThem as the sponsors of CreativeApplications.Net. Today we share a little story about how Proce55ing typeface came to be and how the same two people, 8k miles ...
    Bentsen Helge Hjorth-1 copy

23/07/2012 / Other, Theory

Created by Helge Hjorth Bentsen at ECAL, the “English Dictionary of Neologisms 2011” and also known as "A Buttload of Schmick Words"  presents new words compiled during the past year. With entries structured as a narrative, the reader discovers current ...
    fish_typeessay00 copy

12/04/2012 / iPhone

Created by Robin Sloan, a writer and media inventor from San Francisco, 'Fish' is a tap essay iPhone application, a short but 'heartfelt manifesto' about the difference between likingsomething on the internet and loving something on the internet. 

02/04/2012 / Javascript, WebApp

Couple of months ago Büro Destruct got a call from 'edding' – famous for their permanent markers - and they wanted BD to design a font for them based on the edding 850, their boldest marker. For those that have used ...
    Silenc_05 copy

26/03/2012 / Processing

This project by Manas Karambelkar, Momo Miyazaki and Kenneth A. Robertsen at the CIID explores how much of a language is silent. 'Silenc' is a visualization of an interpretation of silent letters within Danish, English and French languages done by ...
    catalogtree copy

23/01/2012 / Featured, Theory

(This essay was commissioned by Centre national des arts plastiques for Graphisme en France 2012) - Edited by Casey Reas and Chandler McWilliams - Technical mastery and innovation are part of the rich history of visual design. The printing press is the quintessential example ...
    secretwar01 copy

10/11/2011 / iPad, News

Written by Peter Lunenfeld, The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading is a book about using digital technologies to shift us from a consumption to a production model. After half a century of television-conditioned consumption/downloading, Lunenfeld tells us, we now find ...
    001_cover_rematch copy

04/10/2011 / Processing

The Frankenfont project by Fanthom (Ben Fry and co) is an edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein laid out using characters and glyphs from PDF documents obtained through internet searches. For each of the 5,483 unique words in the book, the team ran a ...

02/06/2011 / Processing

Created by Yannick Mathey (byte-foundry), prototyp-0 is an application designed for the drawing of typographical characters. Created using Processing, the application automates the process allowing you to manipulate a large number of character properties in realtime, reflecting on the results and applying it to ...

26/05/2011 / Arduino, c++, Processing

About a year ago, Rob Seward created the Four Letter Words piece. The original video now counts about 111k views on vimeo and has been blogged by numerous sites out of which I think Pieter and Rhizome were the first. Earlier ...

01/05/2011 / iPad, iPhone

Dance Writer is an iPhone/ iPad app by Typotheque that converts text into a choreographed sequence of poses based on the shapes of the letters. You can create your own choreography by typing a message and sharing it via email. Dance Writer premiered as an interactive ...

02/02/2011 / Processing

mis.shap.en.ness are the latest experiments by Reza Ali who we have covered on CAN a number of times in the past. The images below were created with a processing utilizing springs and particles. The program allows you to enter a ...

13/01/2011 / iPad

Created by Simon Strandgaard, Triangle Draw allows you to draw logos/patterns/typography using only triangles. Within the app you can keep track of all your drawings, export to photo album or by email. Other tools include ability to mirror, offset, flip axis, ...

06/09/2010 / Processing

Let Obama redraw the greatest hits and your favorite selections from the #000000book library of GML tags. To view the Obama GML Playa in action go to Here is a tag we created earlier with DustTag on the iPhone. To load in the ...

27/08/2010 / Events

The London Design Festival has commissioned Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram to design this year's Trafalgar Square installation. From September 16 to 23, their project entitled OUTRACE, will empower the general public to take control of eight industrial robots on loan ...

07/07/2010 / openFrameworks

Somewhat inspired by the IQ Font, BalletFont is a project to create a typeface "Ligne" from dancer's movements in space. Three versions of software called "Chireo" (chirography + choreography) were developed using openFrameworks. "capture" did the initial motion and video capture. ...

05/07/2010 / iPad, iPhone

"Words separate, pictures unite" (Otto Neurath) is the moto of Neography, a personal project by Thibault Geffroy.  By reflection on the evolution of the transmission of news information, the 'soon to be released' apps for iPhone and iPad will atempt to enable ...

01/07/2010 / Events, Processing, Profile

We had a pleasure of hearing Craig speak at the recent OFFF conference and thought we'd outline his talk including influences, development and general typography interests he has evolved over the last few years. Interestingly, we do not have many ...

27/05/2010 / iPad, iPhone

Once again we are back with the collection of most wonderful and creative clocks now available in the AppStore. They are simple to understand, not too hard to program and fun to play with. Most probably more "useful" once iPhone ...

22/05/2010 / iPad

A simple and beautiful way of note taking on the iPad comes in the form of much loved Helvetica. Designed by cypher13 and built by Rage Digital, HelvetiNote™ offers a refined set of functions specifically intended to optimize iPad ...

24/03/2010 / Processing

Mycelium is a simulation of fungal hyphae growth using images as food, created by Ryan Alexander. The project originally started in 2005 while he was working at Logan in Venice, California. Click images to see full size. Hyphae grow into the lighter ...

12/03/2010 / iPhone

Created by Ariel Malka, Chronotext is a growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between text, space and time. One of these is the new iPhone application called Babel Tower. The app lets you visualize, in 3D, the Biblical ...

11/03/2010 / Flash, WebApp

This is truly one awesome messaging service created by Protein's boy Bjorn. The idea is simple, write text, choose style and save with the link to post to your friends. Big, bold, just the way we love it. Inspired by Barbara ...

04/03/2010 / iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

Created as the result of Jörg Piringer's ongoing research, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is a sound toy and a performance tool. You can play with the letter-creatures and watch and listen how they interact with each other or use them to produce soundscapes ...
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