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An Interview with Bowyer – UIDesign + Funware + Luxury [Theory, iPad, Interview]

Bowyer is a new company by Vadik Marmeladov, Sergey Filippov, a man known as “The Client”, and Ilya Kolganov. In this interview we talk through their first collaborations, philosophy, process, commercial projects, and future plans. “Craftmanship is attention to details. Luxury is attention to unnecessary details.” Typical phone games and apps retain a certain average appearance […]

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The Sketchbook of Susan Kare [News]

How did we get from command line to computer interfaces we know today? PlosBlogs’s NeuroTribes offers an insight into the sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist who’s high-school friend Andy Hertzfeld, the lead software architect for the Macintosh operating system, offered a job to design fonts for the Mac. Inspired by the collaborative intelligence of her […]


3 Degrees of Wikipedia [iPhone]

If you go to Wikipedia, and try to navigate from one article to another you will probably learn plenty about both subjects. More importantly, you are very likely to remember the learning because our memory works through connections. Created by Ivan Zhao, Three Degrees of Wikipedia makes this into a social game. You can not only […]


We Sliders [iPhone]

Created by We Choose Fun, We Sliders is a simple puzzle game where the task is to arrange sliders into a vertical line. The game starts with only few rows and as you progress the number of rows increases. Each row is connected to a different row, ie dragging one to the left with make […]


Growth II [Cinder]

Growth II is the Cinder port of Processing app created by Job van der Zwan, an art student at Academie Minerva in Groningen. I have included both the Cinder version and the original Processing code for comparison. He does note that the quality with the video below isn’t that great although you can still download […]


Daily Stack [Objects]

Daily Stack was built during a four week exploration in Tangible User Interface at CIID. The project was made by everyoneelse in collaboration with Sebastian Rønde Thielke. Daily Stack is a playful tool that helps you become more aware of your daily work-flow and time management. By creating a physical representation of your tasks, Daily Stack […]


Pocketball [iPhone, Games]

Pocketball is a themed UI physics puzzle game by Big Bucket Software just released in the AppStore. Your goal is to guide the colored balls into their corresponding pockets. By drawing ropes between pegs, you navigate the balls around boosters, gravity wells, pesky nukes and more. The game includes 30 stages, all wrapped in a wood […]


Minimal Designer [Flash, Scripts]

Keith has just posted this UI components library for Flex/FlashBuilder on his BIT-101 blog. Minimal design, clean look, and whilst still in development should make implementation as easy as drag and drop. As far as code generation, it just generates a list of the components with constructors and sets any properties (right now only width and height, […]