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    002.SM-J.SCHROFER+LUST.Z.029en028.NOV.2013-Ph.GJ.vanROOIJ copy

20/12/2013 / Featured, Java

[caption id="attachment_40220" align="alignnone" width="640"] Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, photo Gert-Jan van Rooij[/caption] Created by the the Dutch design studio LUST, ‘Type/Dynamics’ is a new interactive installation for the exhibition of work by the graphic designer Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-1990) at the Stedelijk Museum in ...
    4010header_l copy

05/12/2013 / Processing

Earlier this year Onformative were invited by Deutsche Telekom to design the Gallery-Wall of their Flagship Store in Berlin Mitte. Since the 4010-Store uses their Facebook page as a way of communicating with their customers, Onformative's idea was to bring that online ...
    Generating_Utopia_006 copy

12/09/2013 / Processing

Created by Stefan Wagner, an interaction and motion designer based in Würzburg-Germany, Generating Utopia is a realtime visualisation of social location data. The project explores questions of what human habitats could look like if it was possible to transform them ...
    sound-of-honda-screens_01 copy
With over 100 sensors and 6.5 billion data points delivered in real-time, today the F1 is as much as about predicting the future as it is about shaving milliseconds on the circuit. In 1989, Ayrton Senna set the world’s fastest lap ...
    season-in-review_11 copy

23/07/2013 / iPad

Derived from passion for baseball, Teehan+Lax Labs created an iPad app to display Baseball stats but with a slight twist -- the iPad cover that includes graphs cut in acrylic acts as data sculpture accompanying data displayed on the iPad. Baseball ...
    ee_liverpool_closeup copy 2

03/07/2013 / Processing

In the early 2013 EE approached Brendan Dawes to create something to signify the roll-out of 4G services across the UK. UCL – who would be collecting all the data for the three day period for EE – gave Brendan ...
    emoto 03 copy

27/07/2012 / Javascript

The emoto project captures and visualises the excitement around the Olympic Games in London 2012. The web application moves from real-time (web-based visualisation and mobile app you can try now) to "Echo" (sensory installation, during the Paralympics) to "Archive" (data sculpture, at the Cultural Olympiad ...

28/02/2012 / Objects

"Prismatica is an extension of the visual and perceptual experimentations in my Enigmatica series," Kit Webster writes about his newest installation. Known for his interesting approach to projection mapping (read more about the ingenius Enigmatica series here) the Australian media ...

01/08/2011 / Processing

Created by Diana Lange is this little sound experiment using Processing. Each circle stands for a certain position in the audio's FFT data. Libraries used include PeasyCam / Camera, OpenGL / Rendering, Sonia / FFT, Beads / Beat detection and Minim / Waveform. More work by Diana: Music: Sigur Rós - ...

31/07/2011 / Processing

Cinemetrics is the thesis project of Frederic Brodbeck's at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), Den Haag. It aims to create a visual “fingerprint” for film using the editing structure, color, speech and motion. Different characteristics are analysed using python and openCV, and data visualised using ...

09/11/2010 / Processing

Boris Müller has been creating visual theme for the Poetry on the Road festival since 2002. While the theme itself is changing, the underlying idea for the visuals is always the same: All graphics are generated by a computer program that turns texts ...

15/01/2010 / Flash, Sound

Soundcloud +TV is a visualizer for Soundcloud, a popular online music sharing site. Watch and listen to any Soundcloud user's music in 3D. Built in Fash with Papervision 3D. Created by ssgrfk play SOUNDCLOUD+TV (via @P45C4L)

10/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Grid is an open source visual synthesiser application designed for rhythmic, melodic, or textural applications. An exploration in frequency of sound and how it may be visualised. Developer description: But has joy gone blind? No; there are primary colors in sound. ...

07/01/2010 / Sound

Created by Feedtank, Transpose is an audiovisual performance instrument devised to encourages physical movement in electronic music performances. In Transpose, the performer's silhouette is projected in front of them along with noteboxes, which produce a sound when touched. The performer can change ...

02/01/2010 / iPhone

Created by Marble Cake , Ants Clock gathers more than a hundred people, as small as ants, together to display the time and date. As the time changes some leave, new ones join. Don't have an iPhone? Get the Mac OSX Dashboard ...

24/12/2009 / iPhone, openFrameworks

Rhizomatiks continue to expand their free offering in the AppStore with the latest addition of Clock11 and Clock12. Appropriately themed and released right on time, Clock 12 shows time from the falling snow. Clock11 is a collection of spinning discs each ...

29/11/2009 / Flash

Latest project by Kim Asendorf that has been developing over time if you have been following his flickr, is a visual exploration and visualization of spam collected ever since 2006 in his ongoing Spam Catalog project. Graphically kept as simple as possible, Spam ...

24/10/2009 / WebApp

Eyebrowse is an add-on for firefox and a webapp brought to you by MIT CSAIL that lets you easily record, visualize, and share your trails through the web in real-time. Tell eyebrowse what sites to track, browse away and compare. ...

23/10/2009 / openFrameworks

ImageWorthy is a project by Steve Varga to visualize New York Times Newswire API. ImageWorthy takes the past 500 articles posted to the New York Times online and searches for articles which contain images. These images are only available in 75pixelx75pixel thumbnails, so ...

22/10/2009 / Processing

Karsten Schmidt aka Toxi (PostSpectacular) has just posted source and the app used to create this year's onedotzero festival identity in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy.  The code allows you to modify most of the functionality of the app, ie insert your ...

18/10/2009 / Processing, Sound

Multi Touch Sound Storm is a project by Subcycle Labs, the work of Christian Bannister a musician, designer and developer located in Portland, Oregon. A visual, multi touch interface to interact with sound combining beat slicing, granual effects, navigate the ...

17/10/2009 / Inspiration

Wonderful 'experimental animation' by Andrew Morev. You can see more of his work here and on vimeo here. (via Looks like good Design)

13/10/2009 / Mac, Processing, Windows

Created by Dave Shea, Elevation is a free, open source Mac and Windows application built using Processing that allows you visualise GPS data in 3D space. You’ll need to have a GPS-equipped phone or device capable of tracking your activity as you run, hike, cycle, ...

08/10/2009 / Environment

Using their own art gallery, London-based directing collective, Mini Vegas, have converted the space into a real-time virtual version populated by sound reactive digital sculptures. Motionographer writes: In this installation-like piece, the user can interact with sound driven sculptures of several forms. There are ...

07/09/2009 / Processing

Created by Ben Fry, The Preservation of Favoured Traces is a processing application and a infographic of changes made to Darwin's On the Origin of Species by the man himself over the course of 13 years separating first and last ...

02/09/2009 / WebApp

Inspired by the very popular web trends inforgraphic which circulated many graphic and art websites including reaching even techcrunch, WebTrendMap is a new service currently in private beta that allows you to create you own maps of your twitter followers ...

31/08/2009 / Flash

Commentry is an interactive 3d visualization of comments on a popular digg story. Created by Manuel Tan from the flash application visualizes Digg's rating system combined with word counts allows us to see the status as well as health of a ...

24/08/2009 / Processing

GoodMorning! is a project by Jer Thorp, a Twitter visualization tool that shows about 11,000 ‘good morning’ tweets over a 24 hour period. Built using processing, using the ‘gathering’ client running for 24 hours collecting 1,500 tweets at a time, the app displays ...

19/08/2009 / Flash

Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing to create a data portrait of one's aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you ...

15/08/2009 / Scripts

Created by Kunal Anand, Looks Delicious is a collection of visualizations for different Delicious users displaying their tagging behaviour. The looks project is my first attempt to combine graphics design with programming. The concept is to see how users develop and sustain ...
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