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Lines [WebApp]

Lines is based on a writing technique from medieval times developed by monks as a solution to expensive paper and tedious writing. The monks were writing in the centre of the page allowing enough space for others to annotate the pages on the sides, method allowing you to read the story through other people’s writing. […]


Ommwriter [Mac]

If you know WriteRoom, distraction free writing concept should not come as surprise. Ommwriter is a new app, currently in beta that takes this concept one step further. Instead of just creating a focused environment for your ‘distraction free writing’, this quite space is enhanced by humble backgrounds and sounds accompanied by quiet chirp generated by […]


WriteRoom Now with WebApp Sync [iPhone, WebApp]

There are currently many note taking apps available in the AppStore. Apple has also finally added note syncing between and with the iPhone 3.0 software release. For me, WriteRoom has been my writing tool of choice but with the latest update to the iPhone app, Writeroom is distraction free writing at it’s best. […]


WriteRoom [iPhone]

Notes application on the iphone has done us good since the release of first generation iPhone. When the AppStore launch we have seen a large number of note taking apps appear that exceed basic set of features available in the Apple’s Notes application. We have seen copy and paste (MagicPad), syncing, custom fonts and much […]