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    Fireplace_scrn3_cmds copy

23/12/2011 / Mac, Windows

Created by Ted Martins, Fireplace is a type controlled pixel art fireplace for your mac or pc to stay warm this xmas. Type words to interact with the fireplace or just sit back and enjoy. The log burns down to ...

20/12/2010 / Processing

Inspired by the recent papercamp, presentation by Laura Dickinson (photos) and work by Richard Sweeney, Sermad Buni and tbwa-london commissioned Karsten Schmidt to create an application that would generate unique snowflake from your name – the twist is that we also give ...

24/12/2009 / News

As we say goodbye to 2009 and prepare for the 2010, we thought we should say thank you to all of our readers. As you know CAN launched back in October 2008 and the 2009 has been a hugely exciting year ...

24/12/2009 / Processing, Quarz Composer

Inspired by the brilliant use of an early 80's concept in the recent OKGo 'WTF' video (see below), Mehmet Akten aka memo created this little open-source demo in Processing. It works in real-time with a webcam. You can download the source ...

22/12/2009 / Featured, Objects, Other

If you were reading out tweets yesterday you would have picked up we received a very nice surprise from Nokia. Nicely wrapped box within a box with included christmas card, USB cable and a small instruction reading "Can't hack it...for ...