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15/06/2011 / Games, iOS, Mac, openFrameworks

Zach Gage has just announced that Bit Pilot 2.0 for iPhone/IPad is about to hit the AppStore. To celebrate, Zach has made a desktop version which is available for download now (link below). It is the first application to use ...

26/10/2010 / Games, iOS, openFrameworks

Created by Zach Gage, Halcyon is the new iPad game from the creator of synthPond, Sonic Wire Sculptor, Lose/Lose, Bit Pilot and Unify, games and apps we loved on CAN. Halcyon is the result of months of Zach trying to figure ...

05/08/2010 / iOS, openFrameworks

The team behind Sonic Wire Sculptor have just provided us with details about their new version of sws for the iPad. The video below shows Shantell Martin playing with the before unseen beta version of Sonic Wire Sculptor. Great news is ...

29/03/2010 / iOS, openFrameworks, Sound

Amit Pitaru has just announced on his Twitter that Sonic Wire Sculptor for the iPhone has just been submitted to the AppStore is now available! For those that might not remember, back in 2003, Amit created a musical instrument which ...

02/03/2010 / iOS

Bit Pilot is the latest game by Zach Gage with music by Sabrepulse. What began as a 1hr prototype for a control scheme turned out "to be so much fun that i built the whole game around it" (Zach). We ...