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Interview on the A.N.D project [Theory]


I recently had pleasure of meeting and talking to Tyler Flynn of the A.N.D project about my CAN adventures. Likewise Scott Snibbe and James Alliban reveal what inspires them and how they got involved with doing what they do. It’s a long read and definitely a worthy one…

What’s being created today for the iPhone and iPad is mind-blowing. It’s a glorious realization that we are now in a place where digital technology and art together are so inclusive and generative. But who creates apps, what are they, how do they happen? The three minds below are no strangers to this glowing new phenomenon. Follow A.N.D as we converse with all three of them, tracing the expansion of this field, spotlighting the aspects that make it charged and, perhaps, the greatest recent addition to our digital world.

Here are few extracts:

There are a number of publications and online media that emphasize this concept of visual culture, which drives me up the wall. It says “it’s okay to be drawn to something visually without questioning theirposition of reference or how they’ve come about.” – Filip Vsnjic

I hope to get to the stage where people are building constructs, leaving trails in the cities they wander, where people could use the city as a generated art gallery. – James Alliban

Writing has always been my favorite medium because it’s the least encumbered by any limits. Programming is probably second because you’re still just only limited by your technical ability and imagination. But writing is even more unfettered and I think more difficult than programming. – Scott Snibbe

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