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Invisible Airs – A Short Documentary on YoHa

Matsuko Yokokoji and Graham Harwood have been active as tactical media practitioners over the last two decades; the duo were members of Mongrel  and more recently have been working under the moniker YoHa. One of the central themes of YoHa’s work is the translation of abstract data systems into performative assemblages and installations, often highlighting contentious social realities in the process (e.g. their Transmediale award winning Tantalum Memorial). Alistair Oldham recently completed a short documentary on YoHa’s work that revolves around a series of performances of their Invisible Airs project (produced with Stephen Fortune) that explores financial data related to Bristol City Council expenditures. The film works as a great introduction to YoHa’s work and it nicely underscores many of the more poetic and problematic aspects of information culture.

Invisible Airs

Posted on: 05/03/2012

Posted in: Objects, Theory

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