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Something Like Me / About Seeing Things – Akihiko Taniguchi

Latest in the series of productions by Japan’s BRDG label and Hip Land Music is the performance by Akihiko Taniguchi at the DMM VR Theatre in Japan titled ‘Something Like Me / About Seeing Things’. The performance is a culmination of Akihiko research into VR and 3D scanning, rendering in real time and synchronized with real world time.

The project/projection is a 3D scanned Akihiko and its texture that covers the surface of his  body scanned on the 10th of February 2016. Hence, Akihiko is presented as himself on 26th March 2016 controlling himself on the 10th February 2016. In addition, while exploring these contradictions of reflected+realtime image of oneself, Akihiko is also interested in how computer efficiency, in this case far clipping planes of 3d software and software deleting distance objects as well as their “backs” (backface culling), alters perception of oneself through reflection.

The projection combines rendered elements as well as scans of Akihiko’s familiar physical environment, including workspace, neighbourhood’s alleyway, his computer and food. It’s a capture of Akihiko’s physical world, experienced in a re-arrangement and presented to the audience in realtime using Pepper’s Ghost technique.

鏡を見るとき、鏡そのものを見ることはできない。 鏡そのものを見ないようにしなければ、そこに映るものを見ることができない。 何かを見ようとすることは、それ以外の何かを見ないようにすることでもある。だから見るためには、疑わしくとも、 いったんはそれを忘れたり、その中へ没入しなければならない。

When you see mirror, you cannot see mirror itself. If you try not seeing at mirror itself, you cannot see reflected visual of the mirror. Trying to see something means that trying not seeing another things. Therefore, we must be into the mirror world, even if it is doubtful, in order to see what it is.

Next VRDG+H#2 event takes place at the DMM VR THEATER on Apr 30, 2016.

VRDG+H is an event carried out at DMM VR THEATER, a venue that makes full use of the pepper’s ghost technology. The event features various talented creators with the aim of seeking out a new expression from the collaborations of sounds and visual images. All the tickets for the first volume held in March were sold out, so if you are interested make sure you book early.

The second volume will be held as a collaborative project of INT, or the creative division started up this year by HIP LAND MUSIC, and BRDG, a platform for audiovisual representation centered in Tokyo.

Akihiko Taniguchi | BRDG

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