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Folding Patterns – Simulating folded paper structures

Created by Ann-Katrin Krenz, Folding Patterns is an investigation of methods to create three dimensional structures that behave like folded paper and have controllable properties.

The tool was developed with vvvv to create generative folding patterns with parameters like the folding angle or the amount of folds. These diverse patterns were tested in a physics simulation for their behaviour in several scenarios like a fall from a certain hight and collision with the ground or stability on a vibrating surface. The ultimate goal is to develop an automatic analysis of the behaviour, in order to optimise the folding patterns with an genetic algorithm in the future. The project is still under development.

Ann-Katrin Krenz is an interaction designer and media artist, based in Berlin. Her work ranges from rich interactive installations and environments to generative design and visual explorations with pixels, pen and paper. She finished her master thesis in Februrary 2016 in the “Digitale Klasse” (Visual Communication) lead by Prof. Joachim Sauter and Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä at the University of the Arts Berlin. We covered Ann’s work previously on CAN and you can see it here.

Project Page | Ann-Katrin Krenz


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